Heres one for Travl (How many of these places have you been to)

  • <=5
  • <= 10
  • <=15
  • <=20
  • <=25
  • <=30
  • <=35
  • <=40
  • <=45
  • <=49
  • ALL OF THEM!!!

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Only 2! I need to work on quality as well as quantity…

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Nine of them.


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Zilch! :cry:

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Just 8. Clearly I’m not a real lambic hunter, otherwise I would have had about 5 or so more :slight_smile:

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Eight. All of which are overrated.

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22 for me although there’s a few in the top half I doubt would be there other than homered scores, lack of travl/experience and fake rates!

  1. Akkurat and The Local Pub.
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16 of them. Yeah there are couple of them which are overrated, but I guess the defintion of top place changes over time. Most of them are great though.

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Not Travlr but I’ll answer anyway.

13 for me.

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Got 7 there, and I really liked them all.

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12 rated. Need to add Churchkey and Hair of the Dog ratings.

I’ve been in one more place before ratebeer too.

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  1. Well, one is an online shop.

Hopefully will see 4-5 more next year.

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14, a lot of them is in and around Brussels, a couple in the US too.


12 here

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12 for me.

5 for me. But moved to city with a 6th and haven’t made it there yet

  1. and at least the top 50 places don’t change as often as the op 50 beers, more of a consistent target


13 (I suppose I could visit that online shop and make it 14)

12 of them I have been to at least twice, a few many, many times like Kulminator , Cantillon & both Moeder Lambiek locations.