'Highest Score' sorting seems wrong


The sorting option for highest score seems wrong. It only shows the actual single highest rating value (or multiple ratings of that value) and not the rest of the ratings. For example, I tried sorting the ratings by highest score for 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze and it only shows the 5’s.

Wow, you’re right. Going to https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/3-fonteinen-oude-geuze/11168/3/2/ and then clicking for page 3 (or higher) indeed shows nothing… @joet ?

Edit: Pages 3-15 show no ratings, then page 16 onwards works again with 4.9 ratings…

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Might be the ticks, which are private and thus we don’t see them. Makes no sense that the shadow-appear in such a way though…

@services interesting catch? I’m actually unsure of what’s happening.


This one show a 97% in style, but it’s ranked as number 1 Lambic - Gueuze. Shouldn’t it be a 100% in style?

Seems that style rating takes in account retired beers as well.