Hill Farmstead in Maine?

I’m traveling to Portland and Bar Harbor, ME in May. I’m on my wife’s time, so I was hoping to find a place somewhere in or around those areas in which I could try some Hill Farmstead. Or is it really Vermont only?

I had a bunch of Hill Farmstead in Albany. I’m sure it’s some of the easier stuff to get but I feel like it makes its way out of Vermont.

Albany, NH or NY?

New York

Well, there’s hope then! :slight_smile:

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I know HF is all over NYC (generally tap only). I never saw it in Maine, but Maine has so many incredible breweries, I do not think I would have even got it were it available.

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So true. Maine’s beer scene is much like Michigan’s and the people living there are very loyal. We don’t get as much out of state stuff as other states around us because of this. That said, when I was in Maine I was so overwhelmed with great breweries that I didn’t get a chance to see what else they had.

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