Hill Farmstead

Just a comment and an FYI, I was in Paris earlier this week and surprised to find Hill Farmstead beers. I wanted to let you guys know if you had plans to be in France and were interested. I also wondered if they had hit the UK and I missed it?

Probably a spin off effect of Quintessence? Whereabouts? And on tap?

I think there had been a tap take over at La Fine Mousse, I picked up 5 bottles at La Cave a Bulles and A la Biere Comme a La Biere, also picked up Equilibrium MC2 and Even More Unbalanced. The Hill Farmstead apparently had been a big drop in France 2 weeks ago and Equilibrium less than a month old


Wow. I’m not in France again until September but would be interested to know if this is a regular thing or a one-off (I assume a link to Quintessence is likely)

Yes I was surprised. I picked up Anna, Arthur, Dorothy, Florence and Brother Soigne. I’ll be out there again shortly, I’ll check if it’s a once off and report back.