Hogs Back Updates/Aliases

Am happy to report these the usual way. One relates to a beer I’d have to add so thought I’d raise here first.

The Danish invasion of Surrey got me worried. They managed more rates in one day than I did in a year. Anyway, I headed to the brewery at lunchtime, didn’t buy any Surrey beer but ended up talking to one of the guys there about their rebadged beers.

I’d spotted a Hogs Back Pale Ale and assumed it was London’s Outback with a different name. He confirmed that this was the case. I guess, like my thoughts, they’d got feedback from some pubs that the names was rubbish.


Brooklands Gold = Hop Garden Gold. But is it a Gold or Bitter?

Speed King = Fresh Spring Ale

Summertime Buzz = The Bee’s Knees (or visa versa)

Confirmed that Burma Star Ale will never be rebrewed.

Thanks for the info.

Scunners they are. This is the sort of thing that stops me buying from breweries for fear of unwittingly buying a cack beer that I’ve already tried.

Same goes for Ascot. Can you not get your Surrey brewers to behave?