HogTown in LondonTown September 6-22

I’m not sure who all is left on RB from the London/UK crew … I am doing my usual London things - visiting as many old favourite and new-to-me pubs as possible, planning a Bermondsey walk (probably September 7) and a Hackney crawl (maybe the 14th or 21st) - if anyone is out and about mid-week while I am there, I am always up to meet after work, or do a weekday City crawl … my very old friend Chicago Dave (many of you have met him) will be in London at the same time so again, we are up for just about anything - I have to meet up with in-laws a couple of days, but the vast majority of my time will be, as usual, devoted to beer and enjoying myself at pubs. Cheers to all and maybe I will see many of you … around.

Hey Harry happy to see you on either or both Saturdays and also a day in the week. Will firm up dates later

I think I have a extended weekend the weekend of 7th. Right now I think the plans was London, but might change. I’m pretty sure I’m in if it remains London.

Booked a hostel not far from Bermondsey for 7 September. I’ll be there either way now as I’m locked in. Had a great time last year when I met up with @harrisoni.

Right now my plan is to do Bermondsey on September 7 - I think Ian is on board too, and my friend Dave will be in London at the same time and is definitely up for Bermondsey - this will be our fourth or fiftth time (my sixth or seventh).

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Yep 7th September is good for me. Cloudwater has opened since you were last here.

In fact I have a few days holiday spare so definitely
e do a midweek day too.

Great! Chicago Dave was in Toronto yesterday so we were out … drinking, of course. He’s definitely up for Saturday September 7th so I guess we’ll meet as usual at Kernel and take if from there? And just pick a mid-week day (or two) over the next two weeks and we will do a crawl; the usual (Harp/Strand etc) or maybe Hackney or Shoreditch … so many possibilities. A little later I am going to post the raw list of London pubs I have visited over my last three trips - looking for additions and corrections, so any help would be appreciated - that’s to everyone, no just Ian!

I have never been to Bernondsey (for drinking) so this seems like a good excuse.

BTW - I really enjoyed Hackney and Bethnal Green last Friday. As it was during the day half the the places weren’t open but visited Brew Club, Hackney Church, The Cock Tavern, Mother Kelly’s, Old Street Brewery and Mechanic Brewery. Dropped in at the new place between Old Street and Mechanic but no new ticks.

Well that’s 4 places I’ve not been to

I guess Mikkeller and Goose Island will both be new places

Well, you KNOW Chicago Dave won’t be able to pass up Goose Island - he lives 10 minutes from the original one. And Mikkeller would be a must too.

OK Saturday 7th Bermondsey is a definite. I can probably take Friday 13th afternoon off as well so meet you in London around 14.00 somewhere if you are free?

Done - I am inking Friday the 13th (ooh!) in now. I assume we should meet at Kernel on the 7th? Say when and I’m there …

Oh yes - here is my mashed-up list of all the pubs/tasting rooms I have visited over the past three trips - I would appreciate knowing if any have closed, and happily welcome any London (Zone 1-2 if possible) recommendations any of you might have. The bottom two entries (Drawn & Quartered and BrewDog Tower Hill were recommended by an acquaintance here in Toronto). Cheers, everyone!

All Good Beer (Bermondsey)
Anspach and Hobday (Bermondsey)
Argyll Arms (Oxford Circus)
Barrel Factory [London Beer Factory] (Bermondsey)
Black Friar (Blackfriars)
Bottle Shop (Bermondsey)
Brew By Numbers (Bermondsey)
Brew By Numbers 2 (Bermondsey)
BrewDog (Angel)
BrewDog (Camden)
BrewDog (Clapham Junction)
BrewDog (Seven Dials)
BrewDog (Shoreditch)
BrewDog (Soho)
Cask Pub & Kitchen (Pimlico)
Cittie Of York (Holborn)
Coal Hole (Temple)
Cock (Hackney)
Craft Beer Co. (Brixton)
Craft Beer Co. (Clerkenwell)
Craft Beer Co. (Covent Garden)
Craft Beer Co. (Hammersmith)
Craft Beer Co. (Islington)
Craft Beer Co. (Limehouse)
Craft Beer Co. (Old Street)
Craft Beer Co. (St. Mary Axe)
Crate (Hackney)
Draft House (Chancery Lane)
Draft House (Charlotte/Goodge Street)
Draft House (Covent Garden)
Draft House (Old Street)
Draft House (Tower Bridge)
Eagle (Old Street)
Earl of Essex (Islington)
Edgar Wallace (Temple)
Eebria.com (Bermondsey)
Euston Tap (Euston)
Exmouth Arms (Euston)
Experiment - Pressure Drop/Verdant Tap Room (Hackney)
Falcon (Battersea)
Four Thieves (Battersea)
Friend At Hand
George (Temple)
Hack and Hop (Fleet Street)
Harp (Chandos place)
Harrild & Sons
Hawkes Cidery (Bermondsey)
Holborn Whippet (Holborn)
Howl At The Moon (Hoxton)
Howling Hops taproom (Hackney)
Jerusalem Tavern (Clerkenwell)
Kernel (Bermondsey)
King’s Arms (Shoreditch)
Lamb & Flag (Covent Garden)
Lyceum (Temple)
Lyric (Soho)
Market Porter (Southwark)
Mason & Co. (Hackney)
Moncada Brewery (Kilburn)
Modern Beer Co. (Bermondsey)
Moor Tap Room (Bermondsey)
Mother Kelly’s (Bethnal Green)
Mother Kelly’s (Vauxhall)
Mudlark (Southwark)
Old Bank of England (Fleet Street)
Old Bell (Fleet Street)
Old Coffee House (Soho)
Old Fountain (Old Street)
Partizan (Bermondsey)
Pelt Trader (Cannon Street)
People’s Park Tavern (Hackney)
Pineapple (Kentish Town)
Plough at Swan Wharf (Hackney)
Porterhouse (Covent Garden)
Princess Louise (Holborn)
Punch Tavern (Fleet Street)
Red Lion (Pall Mall)
Queen’s Head (Acton)
Rake (Southwark)
Royal Oak (Borough)
Seven Stars
Shaston Arms (Soho)
Ship and Shovel (Charing Cross)
Singer Tavern (Old Street)
Southampton Arms (Kentish Town)
Southwark Brewery (Bermondsey)
Southwark Tavern (Southwark)
Spartan Brewing (Bermondsey)
Tap East (Hackney)
Tapping The Admiral (Kentish Town)
Temple Brew House (Temple)
Three Johns (Islington)
Union Tavern (Westbourne Park)
Well and Bucket (Shoreditch)
Wenlock Arms (Islington)
Wheatsheaf (Southwark)
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (Temple)
Ye Olde Mitre (Clerkenwell)

Drawn And Quartered (Tower Hill)
BrewDog (Tower Hill)

(full disclosure - still have not been to the new location for Moncada - I MUST remedy that this trip)

Kernel at 09.45 and then move on to Cloudwater and then… a mix of the rest including the new one, Bianca Road

Training in Friday night, should be able to make the time no problem. Never started on that end of the street before.

I think I’ll be there between 10:30 - 11:00. Train strikes or engineering I presume.

I would imagine we will be somewhere between Cloudwater, Bianca Road, Brew by Numbers and Moor on that part of the crawl.