Holy shit I'm 7 ticks away from being in the top 100 users

I’m at 102 right now and only need two ticks to jump over @gunnar and seven to jump over @daniele at 10,827 … the race is on.

Otherwise @bb Kp, or my fellow albertan @DuffMan depending on who rates a bunch this week. But come saturday and Snallygaster, I’ll make the list for sure…

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Let’s get the milestone forum warmed up


Really the only trouble is that it actually seems like the threshold for top 100 is increasing almost as quickly as my average rating which has slowed down

Don’t get too comfortable, I have a bit of a backlog to enter :japanese_ogre:


ahhh. I only have a backlog of like 2 right now, so I guess I could tie with @gunnar . I just ticked a pumpkin cider (yes, there unfortunately is such a thing), and have a couple dubious ticks in my closet which I know I’m just going to have one sip of and drain pour anyway when I finally crack them.

And we may both be screwed because @mabel is pretty close and she and @jercraigs always have like a million on backlog from what I remember

I think the backlog is down to under 100 finally.

Yup. Broke my little finger in July so I took a break from the backlog. (Didn’t stop drinking though.) :wink:

What I learned from this is that there are no women in the top 100 raters on the site.


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Anymore. Maria was in the top 100, and I think you’ve been in and out of the top 100 a few times, no?

But does it even matter when everyone left the site, @blipp how many users have posted 100 or more ratings in the last year. Top 100 on untapped might be more impressive at this point.

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Untappd does not have such a list.

Also, since it is still fairly young, there are not so many people who have hit 10k on Untappd (but they are getting more and more!)

Checking out this page: https://www.ratebeer.com/users/rateroftheyear/2018/

and comparing with previous years, it seems like the Top50 active users are as active as ever (though a little bit less than last year)

Untappd doesn’t have the list because they don’t want it to seem like a competition. Not sure how that reconciles with all the badges they award, in a sort of competitive manner.

Thanks for the head up :sunglasses:
You gotta work those numbers,I have a steady progression, about +_ 100 monthly…

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People are always joining and leaving. People left before you… you stopped rating… people left after you… I’ll leave at some point, probably.

Like most “collecting” hobbies, keeping the motivation is often part of the struggle people eventually face, so they stop collecting. That’s fine. It doesn’t make the accomplishments of those that continue to collect any less impressive or less valid.

Ya mine is more erratic, but I’ll probably clock at least 50 this weekend at a beer festival here. That should get me in one way or another

I’m in! One more than Gretzky and one less than McDavid. Now I’m going to go quietly die and never drink again.


Also, I was deprived of my 10900 rating video. It was all for nothing.