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So who are the top raters of beers from the region they are registered in.

The 27 people above are the highest active (in the last month) rater of beer from there own region. I think this shows we still have an active rating base across much of the country. Well done it’s often local knowledge that keeps our database up to date!

There are a further 8 counties where there is a local rater in the top 50, but they didn’t appear to still be active.


And finally 11 where there is no local rater active or otherwise in the top 50.


Note: I did this manually so there might be some human error.


Humbled I haven’t rated a beer from my county this month!

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Only 29 more to make the top 50, although I think @dantomlinson is closest.

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There are some people who possibly are not registered to where they live?

I.e. #1 in Hampshire @SaintMatty actually lives in Southampton?

#12 in Dorset, Kermis?

I live in Sweden but have family in Hampshire. I have not lived in Hampshire since before I joined Ratebeer

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Kermis has lived in the Netherlands for years … originally from Bournemouth.

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I am manfully keeping @minutemat at bay in Shropshire beer ratings, but he is catching me overall (and he rates Cider!).



Your penchant for Shropshire’s finest twigs is likely to keep me at bay for some time to come.


Surprised there’s no Derbyshire champion as it has some interesting fare. Notts will be hard to monopolise if Neon Raptor and Black Iris continue to attract a global following.

New beers in Kent coming out of Kent Brewery, Pig & Porter, Boutilliers, Iron Pier are expanding their selection etc. make Kent an interesting place.

Even the barren out post of Ashford now has Curious Brewery taproom, Made Inn micropub, Hop Stuff Taproom and according to Boutilliers a new tap room from them before the end of the year.

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Thought of this thread because I just spotted a random stat. The person based in Dorset who’s rated the most beers (700+) has only rated one beer from Dorset. A bit disappointing seeing as there’s a whole range of new craft brewries down there in Bournemouth.

I’m always surprised to see that I am still the rater of most Dorsetshire beers. Rarely see them around here other than Badger but we have stayed down there several times and built a bit of a base from those visits. I’m doing the S.W Coastal path next May / June, so I get to try out several more towards the end of the walk, hopefully.

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