HonestBrew launches craft beer investment fund

Forgot to post this earlier. HonestBrew, a relative newcomer to the online bottleshop industry launching just 3 years ago in 2014, today announced that it is launching a craft beer investment fund.

A total of £50,000 per year will be divided up among several craft breweries (interest-free!), which they must use for brewing/equipment/expansion. What do HonestBrew get back from it? Beer! The brewery in return for the cash injection must guarantee a provision of beer for HonestBrew to sell on their website.

The first recipient will be Verdant. They will receive £20,000 which will be used to buy FVs. Personally I can’t think of a more deserving UK brewer right now, well, actually, there’s loads, but Verdant are a personal fave of mine. Verdant as you probably know specialise in juicy pale ales - they do one thing and they do it bloody well. Pretty much all of Verdant’s stuff is among my favourite pale ales. Looking forward to seeing them be able to grow with the help of this extra cash.


Pretty much a win-win for everyone involved here isn’t it? Craft breweries remain independent yet receive a nice cash boost allowing them to grow, while HonestBrew receive some of the beer they produce and can make their money back selling it to customers. Your thoughts?