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I’ve posted about this multiple times, but there remains a massive gap for an admin for Hong Kong. There are still scores of beers with incorrect names despite my having submitted corrections three or four times, and I’ve been pushing to get a brewery renamed due to a typo in their name for months now.

Is this ever going to get resolved? :hong_kong:

I submitted a report for an incorrect style after my trip to Hong Kong and that got dealt with reasonably quickly, so somebody is at least looking at them…

Do we have someone there who speaks Chinese?

I assume you mean Cantonese (Chinese is a language family, not a language; you don’t ‘speak Chinese’), which is the local language alongside English. None of the Hong Kong brewers market their beers exclusively in Cantonese or only with traditional characters, so it isn’t actually a necessity for being an admin for Hong Kong.

I’ve been offering my assistance for this gap for ages. I’m hoping someone will finally heed the call.

Yeah, I know that Cantonese is the main language there. In terms of writing, my understanding is that they are very similar and mutually intelligible.

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I just went through every page of admin bugs/corrections and there was no submissions for your user name. This could be part of the problem. Admin cannot fix what they do not receive. @joet is there a way to confirm that @adamnowek corrections are being received? Hopefully we can get this fixed.

I sent in dozens upon dozens of name corrections in November or December; an admin eventually contacted me to ask me to send in the corrections to him directly via e-mail, as your corrections reporting system cannot display Chinese characters (which is extremely important for Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, as beers are often named and marketed in more than one language). It doesn’t appear that they were ever fixed.

It’s worth pointing out that I also submitted a bunch of name corrections for beers made by Hong Kong brewers in the summer and in the autumn, as well. No action appears to ever get taken for the city.

As for a brewery fix, I’ve submitted a correction for Mong Kong Brewing Company (it should be Kok, not Kong) at least ten times because it’s the most obnoxious one. It’s still wrong.

I don’t know how many times I need to submit corrections or make requests to add a Hong Kong admin, but the non-action here is getting frustrating.

That’s why I stopped to send corrections during the official way years ago. Since then I used to send corrections directly to an admin of my choice until he doesn’t care anymore (that happend more than once) and then continue with the next one.

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Holy shit could you come off any more arrogant online please?


Hong Kong has specific needs (like any region that needs an admin), including a knowledge of how products are marketed and branded and in what language that occurs (the proof of this is that there are scores of Hong Kong beers and places that are missing their traditional Chinese names).

No need to throw out insults to strangers on the Internet.

Not going to go into what an insult consists of or not. You rub me the wrong way and I know I’m not the only one. I did hear you were reasonably OK in person, so whatever I guess. Just saying: if you really want to be viewed as a valued contributor to the site I would recommend toning down the snarkiness and messiah factor a little.


What does this have to do with Hong Kong needing an admin?

Fixed the Mong Kong to Mong Kok