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Hoof Hearted Miracle Toast Question

Hoping someone out there can look at the Hoof Hearted Miracle Toast entries. Original entry lists ABV of 9.5 and has ratings through 2017. In 2020 ratings pick up and list the product at 14%. I had a can over the weekend and can confirm the ABV listing and a slightly different labeling. I entered it as the 2020 version and am thinking we should retire the original patch and make it “( - 2020)” and then the current batch “(2020 - )”.


So… no one?

I just looked through untapped images and it looks like older cans have 10% abv on them so I think splitting entries make sense.

I think the more difficult question is when the split should be made.

I pulled the trigger and made it to 2020 and then 2020 and on. This type of thread used to get dozens of responses. Sad to see where we’ve fallen to.

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