Hop City 2018 and tour of the North

Sarah and I are heading up to the Hop City beer fest in Leeds next weekend. We’re staying in Huddersfield and planning on visiting Leeds and Manchester. Rough plan is

Thursday afternoon - Few places around Hudderfield, then train to Leeds for Hop City evening session.
Friday - Hop City morning session then a few places around Leeds.
Saturday - Manchester starting at Track at 11:30 and see how far we go.
Sunday - Maybe calling in at Sheffield on our way home.

If anyone else else is around for Hop City or elsewhere it would be great to meet up for a beer or two. Or if anyone has any tips for the ‘must do’ places other than the obvious ones on Ratebeer, let me know.

Wow so many places to visit amongst those. Remember to do cloudwater barrel store in Manchester too. Port Street beer house, marble arch and beer moth

Leeds friends of ham and Northern monk refrectory top spots but tonnes of places of you’re after rakes.

Obvs grove and magic rock tap in hudds.

For Sheffield Dave unpronounceable can advise but recommend a trip to hop hideout for drink on and training beers (Uber it) or else beer central if open. Pubs wise it’s Shakespeare, beer engine, Rutland devcat

Cheers Steve. Yeah all of those are on the hit list. There is likely to be a lot of good beers on offer so I hope my liver can keep up with my ambition.

The hop city list is pretty ridiculous as well

Yeah you’re not gunna have much time in Leeds after that!

Wow! This is a insane beer list. Maybe next year…How the sessions works? Rotate beers or the same beers no matter the session? All included ticket?

Cheers and enjoy!!

I’m volunteering on the Thursday so I’ll see you there old bean.

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Hi guys.

Northern Monk has revealed the date for “Hop City 2019” and it´s in Easter (18th - 20th April) so maybe I could join the party…