Hop City 2019

Hi guys! Anyone else going to the Northern Monk´s Hop City 2019? I´m going Friday, both sessions, but I will be in Leeds/Manchester from thursday (18 April) to Sunday (21 April). If anyone else is around the festival or the town we could share a glass or two.

I need to check it out the ratebeer places page for Huddersfield, Leeds and Manchester and the side events in Leeds for the weekend, but any recommendation (beer or food-wise) would be appreciated.

Waiting for the final beer list of the festival…but doing my rough plan trip:

Thursday 18th - Huddersfield with the next route: Magic Rock, Grove, Rat and Ratchet, The Corner - Mallinsons, Arcade Beers. Estimated time in Huddersfield 4:00 h. Arriving Leeds around 21:00h. My hotel is near the central station so I have time to visist a couple of venues (Tapped Leeds, North Bar, Friends of Ham and Brewdog)

Friday 19th - Hop City 2019. Both sessions in Northern Monk Refectory. After the sessions maybe Bundobust for dinner and the Turks Head.

Saturday 20th - Manchester Piccadilly Beer Mile. Cloudwater 12:00, Track 13:00, Alphabet 14:00, Food and beer at Grub Fairfield Social Club (15:00), Beer Noveau 16:00.
After Piccadilly, Green Quarter: Marble 17:30, Blackjack 18:30, Runaway 19:00, Pilcrow 20:00, Seven Brothers 21:00 and Northern Monk Refectory til late.

I want to priorize local breweries and locals with thirds available. Am I missing something?? What you think guys??


Sounds like an awesome weekend! Manchester local here and some other recommendations for your Saturday:

I recommend Beatnikz Republic Taproom / Bar that’s opposite Northern Monk refectory and definitely Cafe Beermoth as well. If you are out of time, I’d swap either of these out with Seven Brothers.

I would also start from Beer Nouveau and then work your way into town so you are a shorter walk to Green Quarter.

If you haven’t reserved Bundobust in Leeds, you could checkout their Manchester location that is bigger but would recommend reserving as well.

OL near the university is also good but a little bit further out from all the places on your list.

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Hey Alex,

For Manchester I’d definitely recommend Cafe Beermoth, Piccadilly Tap and Knott Bar, which is kind of acting as the brewery tap for Wander Beyond, a kind of Manchester Omnipollo… very inventive, consistently excellent brewery you shouldn’t miss in the city.


Thank you for your replies!! I need to think about the Manchester itinerary.

Was thinking also about skip Huddersfield and go directly to Leeds on Thursday. After the recent Magic Rock news and after a quick check of the Leeds Places facebook pages I found a couple of events more attractive (and more efficiently) than the Magic Rock Taproom:

Little Leeds Beerhouse.
Awesome selection and awesome people.