Hop Foundry Beers from Aldi

Aldi appear to be launching a new range of beers in cans called Hop Foundry. I’m struggling to find who is producing them for Aldi. If someone has a can or is in Aldi and can get a look to see if there are any clues on there please.

I was in my local Aldi yesterday evening, I don’t think I saw Hop Foundry but I saw a lot of new beers, namely Williams Rubus Grapefruit IPA, Benno craft lager, Innis & Gunn Mangoes on the Run and their SIPA. I also saw a yellow can labelled Ghost Dance which is a pale ale brewed by Redwell. Good to see a bigger selection in there but certainly nothing mind blowing.

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I think I’ll stick with the Rheinbacher.