Hop of the Year

What was the hop of the year for you?
Sabro was really hitting hard still in the first half, but a lot of people seem to really hate it. I like it alright, but sort of lost my love for it after drinking 3 straight Sabro single hopped beers.

Strata is the winner for me, coming on really strong in the second half. Not my favorite hop by any means, but i feel it really made itself a part of the beer world in 2021.

Motueka and Nelson seemed a lot more prevalent this year, but maybe didn’t hit as hard. I feel like most every Motueka beer I had 2 years ago was better than what I am having this year.

Any European hops making waves?


Being somewhat less focused on this topic in the past few years, I will say that I have sought out more hopped ciders than I should have. Many I’ve had of late are still using Citra. It sort of melts into the acidity & gets extra fruity. Motueka has been around & is pretty foul in cider when fresh.

I did have a beer with Saaz again recently & it was delish.

I have really enjoyed beers with El Dorado Hops as the major player this year. The mini-sweetness it gives to it’s tropical fruitiness appeals to my sweet tooth, much prefer Pineapple to Lemon.


Zappa or Nectaron - hard to decide between these two for me for this year, but both have been very impressive in the limited times I have managed to experience them.

On the “experimental” side HBC 630 has been fun trying, tough one to find but love those berry/cherry notes you can get in the best examples using this hop.

Know what you mean about Sabro, think most this year it was the hop of the year for me but it just became almost too prevalent appearing everywhere as the year progressed - still great though :slight_smile:

Nectaron was definitely a nice addition. I have probably only had a half dozen beers that have utilized it though. The one Firestone Walker put out was one of my favorite IPAs of the year.

Huell Melon or Hallertau blanc?
Maybe not “making waves” but they present well in the light, snappy styles I gravitate to.
My hop of the year would probably be Idaho 7.

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All but Sabro! Evil little flower.

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My Favoriten on 2021 was the Wai-iti.
Lots of very nice balanced beers.


Idaho 7 is my favourite hop from this beer - it brings sweet pineapple notes I love.

A special mention for Nectaron, would love to try more single hop Nectaron beers in 2022. I tried one from Lakes Brew Co which was incredible.

Sabro seemed to be the in-vogue hop of 2021 - it was everywhere. For me, it’s nice in IPAs if used sparingly. Single hop Sabro beers can be a bit too chalky/flinty for me.

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I’ve only had Sabro in hazies and I don’t think that style does it any favors.
Like to try it in a smash west coast pale.
And perversely, i’d love to try it in a roasty hoppy stout; maybe since it seems to bring some sweetness.

I can see a Sabro Stout or Black IPA working out well, with the coconut undertones and all.

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