Hop Stuff Sell Out to Molson Coors

From the Hop Stuff Blog:
Dear investors, friends and ambassadors,
As you know Hop Stuff Brewery has been experiencing financial difficulties in the recent months. Unfortunately, due to the cash position of the business weighing heavily on the business, Hop Stuff Brewery Limited and each of its subsidiaries entered into administration on Friday 12th July with the appointment of Neil Gostelow and Will Wright of KPMG as Joint Administrators.
I’m pleased to say that we were able to secure an asset sale to Molson Coors Brewing Company as part of a pre-packaged administration process, which includes our brewery, brand and taprooms and the transfer of all staff to Molson Coors. Due to our financial position, this was the best possible option for our people and the future of our beers, or we faced the whole business going into liquidation. Unfortunately, a full sale of the shareholding of the Company was commercially unviable and so I truly regret to have to confirm that there will be no returns to investors.
I am so sorry. I wanted so much to turn the passion you have for Hop Stuff Brewery into a financial win for you and I am absolutely gutted that hasn’t happened.
I want to thank you so much for your belief in us. You have helped to build this business and I want to make sure that you continue to feel a part of it. For my part, I am absolutely committed to protecting the ethos of Hop Stuff and our brands and I am completely confident that Molson Coors share that commitment.
In Molson Coors we’ve found a partner who believes wholeheartedly that craft beer should be accessible, inclusive and of exceptionally high and consistent quality. With their support and guidance, we are going to be able to start brewing again and be able to supply our customers in London. Hop Stuff beers won’t disappear.
I would completely understand if you wanted to wash your hands of us, but I very much hope that you don’t. If you’d like to remain a part of our journey, together with Molson Coors, we will be launching a Hop Stuff Collective for original investors who would like to stay involved. Members of the Collective will receive exclusive access to key events throughout the year, a product subscription, discounts and be invited to be part of New Product Development through quarterly tastings and innovation sessions at the brewery.
While not the hoped-for outcome, I hope you agree the Hop Stuff Collective will be a tribute to the important role you have played in our business and a unique opportunity to help us build on that legacy.
If you have a query related to the administration process, please email HopStuffBreweryandTaprooms@kpmg.co.uk
James Yeomans

Shit brewery. Should have just packed it in.


Never had any beers from this brewery because I only ever heard bad things about them. And that the owner is/was a massive dickhead who screwed a lot of people over.

I know North were trying to get their name removed from the collab they made with them because of how bad it turned out (that juicy fruit pale ale which was apparently disgustingly sour).




This brewery is/was barely on my radar. The one beer I had by them was pretty good but nothing special.

Despite living in that part of London back when they opened, only had 7 of their beers it looks like - nothing particularly memorable apart from the “Hop Stuff Single Simcoe” which was decent enough at least that we had at your birthday drinks Tone back in 2015 at the Vanbrugh in Maze hill, is that place still around? :slight_smile:

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It’s still about, haven’t been there for a while as it happens. Apparently you can still still get a few decent ticks there plus the fridge selection was pretty decent last time I was there. Don’t often drift in that direction these days, keep meaning to though!

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SIBA have chucked them out. Everything ive had has been poor. Good riddance.

Not good, but I’ve had worse. They seem to average about the same meh numbers from me as Camden did. Seems like they’re better at lager than they are at ale, as this was pretty OK: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/hop-stuff-unfiltered-pils/414155/

Bar in Ashford is still open no new beers last few times I have been in