Hoskins Brothers (Ale Wagon) - admin help/advice?

Sorry in advance if this post sounds a bit ignorant but as long as I’ve been on here I’m surprisingly in the dark about the admin side of things. I mentioned this back on September but have a fuller picture now.

The beers under the Hoskins Brothers label (sold mainly at the Ale Wagon in Leicester) are now brewed by MonsteX (formerly Anstey) in Loughborough: https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/monstex-brewery-formerly-anstey-ale-brewery/28879/

They’re currently under the Tower brewery - https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/tower-brewery/2693/ - which isn’t correct apparently there was another brewery (Belvoir) in between.

I knew this for a while but hadn’t had it absolutely confirmed until now. This shouldn’t affect too many people but I have about 25 from them.

I can’t imagine we’d move them all as many were one-offs, long retired etc. But maybe their existing core range plus any new ones I see? Should I ask for this beer by beer? Or would we only move any new ones we see?

I suppose we could also set Hoskins Brothers up as a client brewer but not sure how accurate this would be, and would be a pain in the ass for beers that very few on here would ever come across.

I’ve also added a couple beers as collabs between what was then Anstey and the Hoskins Brothers name. Brewed at MonsteX obviously. Not sure if these should be rebadged as Hoskins only (brewed at MonsteX) but the label suggests a collab with themselves?


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Just had a quick look through this, I’ll come back to you about it, you have suggested a couple of decent options there.


Thanks Glen, I appreciate it.

Any particular reason why we never had Hoskins Brothers as a client brewer or commissioner even? The company seems to be active since 2006. Hoskins Brothers Ale Wagon Ltd. at 27 Rutland Street, Leicester.

At least some beers were brewed at Lloyds as well.
Beermad: Hoskins Brothers detail has some attributions, possibly out of date.

I’ve been wondering about this one as it was always treated as something a little different. From a long and distant memory, when we had a Ratebeer day out in Leicester, it was explained by the owner of the pub that Tower had taken on the brand at the time, which is why we placed them into the Tower listing at the time and never really picked it up since.
I want to get this one right now, so digging around.


Yeah, figured it’d be something along those lines. I’d group them together though, far more correct than the current situation - and we can attribute the active ones to the correct brewery at least… wish we could find out when someone brewed what.

The Hoskins Brothers etc. LTD exists from 2006, maybe it was before that?

I used to drink in their Leicester pub - The Ale Wagon, where the beers are served, towards the back end of my days following Leicester home and away. Hoskins definitely existed during the 2003/4 football season as I bagged a few polypin carry outs from there when I got the train back to London (I lived there till Summer '04)

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Looks like the gathering was in January 2005. That’s when I bagged my early Hoskins Bros rates. I think that Silk was looking after the breweries then.

I know you’re not admin anymore Glen, but I was wondering if you or anyone else has had any further thoughts.

I’ve not been able to put a date on it but it looks as though the move from Tower to Belvoir happened fairly early on, possibly not long after the RB trip to Leicester in 2005. However I’m wondering if it’s worth changing all the Tower beers over to Belvoir (whether or not Hoskins Bros is created as a Client Brewery) especially considering Belvoir is a defunct brewery now.

We could just move all core beers or resurrected specials (ie anything I see on tap at the Ale Wagon or the Mash) to MonsteX, with or without the creation of a Client Brewer - I don’t think there will be all that many - and let everything else lie? Or is that too lazy?

Hope I’m making sense.

Bumping this for visibility.