How About Some Free AB/InBev Swag for Long-Time Members?

This is actually a serious suggestion. I’m not trying to be funny or something.

We all know that AB-Inbev has acquired RateBeer. For various reasons, the craft beer community is generally a little wary of AB-Inbev and some, but not all, members of the community don’t drink adjunct lagers.

AB-Inbev does own some craft breweries and such like Goose Island that make beers that some ratebeer members appreciate, though. Some RB members even drink Budweiser, Rolling Rock, etc. for economic reasons, or just because they like them.

I was thinking about the subject of “What could AB-Inbev do to win over some long-time Ratebeer members a little bit so that they warm up to the sale?”. My first thought was, of course, “Free beer!”, but I realize that actually providing free beer may be illegal in some states (especially through via mail or parcel services) or subject to significant regulatory issues, and would be perhaps an overly complex thing to really do for a large business that really has to worry about very closely adhering to even relatively unimportant laws everywhere they sell beer.

So, my second thought was, what about some beer-related swag? You know, Goose Island (Or whatever beer sub-brands AB-Inbev is trying to market to us) branded baseball hats, beer mugs, bottle openers, keychains, t-shirt, or whatever. Alternately, maybe they could offer some ratebeer swag (Since they own it now and have an interest in promoting it). They could even offer a choice between a few options like “We have Goose Island and Bud Light baseball hats. Tell us which one you want. We’ll send you your first choice subject to availability. If we run out of your first choice, we’ll send you whatever we have left- if you get something you won’t use, give it to someone who will use it, or contribute it to charity.”.

This could be done by an official account verified by the site owner that people could send beermails to with their mailing addresses opting in to the swag.

It’s just a thought. It may not be feasible for a variety of reasons. I was just thinking it might be a good marketing and good will gesture. Obviously some people won’t want the stuff, but others will, so it could be opt-in.

I still have a “Miller Lite Brewers Collection” bottle opener that some Miller reps at a liquor store gave me about 15 years ago (Their brewers collection was sort of an attempt to do light beer versions of craft beer- didn’t stick around very long). So, you know, some people really do use this stuff, and it can stick around if it’s well made. My bottle opener has outlasted the beer it was advertising by like almost 15 years. :slight_smile:


Thanks, but no thanks.


How about some hats or t-shirts with

RIP RateBeer


I promise that if I get a RB t-shirt in my size I will tie a knot under the moobs, rub the belly on the windshield while carwashing and post the video!


Serious answer here – Would you be interested in some RateBeer swag?
I have limited t-shirts and hoodies for the team and some upcoming events - and we’ve been thinking of a great way to thank the long-time members, anyway.
I can’t do much in the way of other ABI brand swag, but I can look into RateBeer swag for those interested. (No car washing necessary, please.)


I want a RateBeer branded cricket bat :cricket_bat_and_ball:


Thanks for the offer. In terms of swag, I’d only really be interested if it was free new beer rates (need a malt liquor, can AB Inbev send me one of theirs to rate?). I’m not interested in wearing to shirts to advertise a corporation unless they pay me to do so.

In all seriousness though, I’d rather the cash was spent on the bug fixes and new site stats we’ve all been requesting for ages, rather than on gimmickry.

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One 18 pack of 16oz Busch cans should do it. Thanks!! Oh wait, forgot. Sorry.

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I would wear a hoodie in public; but I need a XXL or XXXL…

I’d actually wear a RB hoodie. European XL’d be fine. :wink:


same here. I am quite jealous of the RB polo shirt that some old users still own…

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I want a shirt with a picture of the Mouth of Sauron, and he’s holding a Bud Light, wearing a jersey that says “Tucker69” on the back, and he’s saying “Bud Light is craft beer”. Let’s make sure to get the Ratebeer logo in the there.


Talking Boony RateBeer edition.

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+1 on the RB hoodie

If you are serious. I would love a XL Ratebeer hoodie.

Similar for Medium…

Rabble calmed by promise of free T shirt.


If you have an European L, I would be happy to wear it.

Please send me your address, Marko!

My pops in law is a huge breweriana fan and a Budman fan in particular. No free swag for me either! So not much I can do but maybe bid for a discount at some online store? Seriously, if there’s some employee discount, I’d be happy to make an order.

RateBeer is running 100.0% just like it was last month and last year, with an independent LLC, 100% RateBeer-allocated staff, and me very involved in the day-to-day.

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XXXL hoodie for me