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How About Some Free AB/InBev Swag for Long-Time Members?


Thanks for the offer. In terms of swag, I’d only really be interested if it was free new beer rates (need a malt liquor, can AB Inbev send me one of theirs to rate?). I’m not interested in wearing to shirts to advertise a corporation unless they pay me to do so.

In all seriousness though, I’d rather the cash was spent on the bug fixes and new site stats we’ve all been requesting for ages, rather than on gimmickry.


One 18 pack of 16oz Busch cans should do it. Thanks!! Oh wait, forgot. Sorry.


I would wear a hoodie in public; but I need a XXL or XXXL…


I’d actually wear a RB hoodie. European XL’d be fine. :wink:


same here. I am quite jealous of the RB polo shirt that some old users still own…


I want a shirt with a picture of the Mouth of Sauron, and he’s holding a Bud Light, wearing a jersey that says “Tucker69” on the back, and he’s saying “Bud Light is craft beer”. Let’s make sure to get the Ratebeer logo in the there.


Talking Boony RateBeer edition.


+1 on the RB hoodie


If you are serious. I would love a XL Ratebeer hoodie.


Similar for Medium…


Rabble calmed by promise of free T shirt.


If you have an European L, I would be happy to wear it.


Please send me your address, Marko!

My pops in law is a huge breweriana fan and a Budman fan in particular. No free swag for me either! So not much I can do but maybe bid for a discount at some online store? Seriously, if there’s some employee discount, I’d be happy to make an order.

RateBeer is running 100.0% just like it was last month and last year, with an independent LLC, 100% RateBeer-allocated staff, and me very involved in the day-to-day.


XXXL hoodie for me


Awesome to get an idea who is interested – Let me look into getting some more made and I’ll come back with more information!


Definite interest here. I’m a big and tall guy (Beyond even the typical 2xl), so t-shirts, hoodies, etc. are unlikely to fit me. However, anything else would be awesome- bottle openers, beer mugs, beer koozies, towels, baseball caps, keychains, posters, magazine subscriptions, free year of RB premium (If that’s still a thing)- pretty much anything that doesn’t go over my chest and stomach would be awesome. :slight_smile: I’m sure there are some good swag categories that I didn’t even think of to list that would be great as well.


“beergirltif comes to the realization that most of the beer community is obese”


I’m an M (US) :grin:


Oh, will somebody post at the end ‘you can buy my body, but not my soul!’ :crazy_face:


Hey hey hey, some of us are just normal overweight.