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How About Some Free AB/InBev Swag for Long-Time Members?


One 18 pack of 16oz Busch cans should do it. Thanks!! Oh wait, forgot. Sorry.


I would wear a hoodie in public; but I need a XXL or XXXL…


I’d actually wear a RB hoodie. European XL’d be fine. :wink:


same here. I am quite jealous of the RB polo shirt that some old users still own…


I want a shirt with a picture of the Mouth of Sauron, and he’s holding a Bud Light, wearing a jersey that says “Tucker69” on the back, and he’s saying “Bud Light is craft beer”. Let’s make sure to get the Ratebeer logo in the there.


Talking Boony RateBeer edition.


+1 on the RB hoodie


If you are serious. I would love a XL Ratebeer hoodie.


Similar for Medium…


Rabble calmed by promise of free T shirt.


If you have an European L, I would be happy to wear it.


Please send me your address, Marko!

My pops in law is a huge breweriana fan and a Budman fan in particular. No free swag for me either! So not much I can do but maybe bid for a discount at some online store? Seriously, if there’s some employee discount, I’d be happy to make an order.

RateBeer is running 100.0% just like it was last month and last year, with an independent LLC, 100% RateBeer-allocated staff, and me very involved in the day-to-day.


XXXL hoodie for me


Awesome to get an idea who is interested – Let me look into getting some more made and I’ll come back with more information!


Definite interest here. I’m a big and tall guy (Beyond even the typical 2xl), so t-shirts, hoodies, etc. are unlikely to fit me. However, anything else would be awesome- bottle openers, beer mugs, beer koozies, towels, baseball caps, keychains, posters, magazine subscriptions, free year of RB premium (If that’s still a thing)- pretty much anything that doesn’t go over my chest and stomach would be awesome. :slight_smile: I’m sure there are some good swag categories that I didn’t even think of to list that would be great as well.


“beergirltif comes to the realization that most of the beer community is obese”


I’m an M (US) :grin:


Oh, will somebody post at the end ‘you can buy my body, but not my soul!’ :crazy_face:


Hey hey hey, some of us are just normal overweight.


Ditto on the interest. Since free beer is basically not an option, shirts, etc. are always appreciated. Just a normal Large for this guy.