How Active Is Your County?

In less than two years I’ve got to #3 In Surrey but to do that I had to tick under 500 beers. I am pretty much guaranteed to make #2, the current incumbent stopped rating a couple of years ago. So for the first year and a half there have been two active raters.

There have also been 3 or 4 of those people I don’t get - the once a year or so raters. I mean, I get that people get bored and move on but logging on and rating like 3 beers a year?

Since Christmas there have been two other regular raters, but one of those is actually a yank who probably doesn’t realise he counts as a Surrey rater.

However in the last couple of weeks a couple of other people started rating. Wonder how long they will last?

For now I can dream of a Surrey tasting group.

Less active since I moved out of Surrey in Jan '15.

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Extremely inactive.

Very similar story and timeline for me in Gloucestershire actually. Coming up to 3 years on Ratebeer now. Just 20 ticks will put a rater here in the top 10. 500 ticks was enough to put me in 4th. I currently sit in 2nd a whopping 7000+ behind downender, the only other active rater. I am drinking more than him at my current pace but even if he were to completely stop it would take me many many years to reach him (he’s been here since 2007 so quite a head start).

Almost everyone else in the table appears to have stopped rating, or never got further than a few ticks. I won’t click on literally every user but as far as I can tell Tim Webb is the only other person in our county rating, but he seems to be of those people you mention, i.e. rating just a handful of beers per year.

In Lincolnshire it’s just me and one other rater rauchbier. 30 beers would land you as the third highest rater from Lincolnshire.

Having said that, on nearby checkins on untapped, there have only been 5 in the past 24 hours. Not sure how nearby, nearby is, but it’s not a lot of beers, and i don’t really care if someone i don’t know had a becks at home with there dinner.

harrisoni 19859
HarryFlashman 469
AndrewC 379

hohops is the most active.

Otherwise it’s just me, myself and I

Since SilkTork left, it’s fairly dull.

Fortunately there are some very good other beer drinkers in East Kent with whom to discuss beer.

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In the West Midlands there are 5 of us above 4k who are still rating. Although most of us seem to be rating a lot less than a few years ago.

Richthevillan 8646
JohnDoughty 5649
Sarkynorthener 5086
DanielBrown 4586
Tomman 4120

There seems to be a couple of other people who I don’t know over the 1000 mark who only rate occasionally.

It would only take someone to rate 5 beers to get on the leader board.

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I guess a lot of people don’t add beers to places but I was surprised to see that I am the mayor of a few West Midlands pubs from my last work trip.

West Mids boys are a great bunch but a but dim … they probably just haven’t worked out how to do this yet !

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Looking at it another way. I have rated 353 beers from active Lincolnshire breweries. Of these beers I am the only person to have rated 124 of them. That’s a big 35% that are only on RB as I added them.

I don’t think this is a new thing due people no longer rating beers on here. As I said before Lincolnshire only has one other active rater.

A lot of Surrey beers have only been rated because they were on at Egham Beer Fest.

How many breweries are there of which you are the only rater?

From Kent off the top of my head I’ve got
Amazing Brewing Co.
Attwells Brewing which opend and shut
Kingswood Cider
R&R Ales

How did you work that one out? Cos I’d like to do the same for me in Kent, is there a stat I am missing?

I went into each brewery and counted. It’s a slow TV night.

Me, Stu (jamesie1857) and Dave Unpronounceable, who doesn’t really rate, but occasionally contributes to the forums, is just about it for South Yorkshire. One or two other raters who come and go. Pretty poor, really, and there’s no way in a million years it’ll get better. Ratebeer is a joke website getting by on past glories.

Myself and minutemat in Shropshire, three others dabble.


Bucks is not very active at all, although since he arrived @theydon_bois does enough rating for the whole county. I fear my contribution just reduces the average.

Apart from me & Colin, there are no other active raters - although I see @vladivostok did log a rate last autumn after 3 years of silence.

Here 1 rate will get you on the table, 7 will get you top 10 and 33 are needed for top 5.

For Oxfordshire it’s me and @Fin basically.

1 imdownthepub 15750
2 Fin 11259
3 wolfcarnival 289
4 Shakesbeere 222

Wolfcarnival was rating up until March last year and Shakesbeere is an occasional visitor but only rates imported beers or has moved and not updated his info. 2 beers will get you onto our list.

It does occur to me that there are a couple of extra active raters based in Surrey but who have not updated where they’re based, a guy from Poland and another from Lithuania for instance

Bedfordshire has always been relatively active by default.

It’s the first county alphabetically on the drop down and quite a few folks have inadvertently selected it over the years !

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