How big is your cellar?...2019 edition

Have not seen one of these since 2017-18 time period. I’ve been working on my man cave since I got back from deployment. Part of that is building up shelving for my beer cellar. I would guess I have between 200-250 beers currently. How’s everyone else doing?


Started at about 300. So far down about 60, and trying to demolish one per day.


I constantly have about 40 beers I want to “taste soon”, which don’t even make it into the cellar.

The cellar itself has like 250 bottles, mostly Lambic, Stille Nacht, and a little bit of stuff like Orval, Pannepot, and Oerbier and the likes. About 50 Ciders & Ice Ciders as well, plus like 30 bottles of wine, which somehow become more and more as I buy less and less beers to cellar.


Probably still sitting at 3-400 ancient ass rotting beers. Whittling away at it but I really prefer fresh brews. I’ve learned my lesson.


All I really have is home-brew mead, which tends to sit 6-18 months after bottling. I currently have a Dry Traditional, Gluhwine-Spiced, Dry Cyser, and Pomegranate all on deck.

Next to be bottled will be Dry-Hopped, Cold Brew Coffee, and Semi-Sweet Traditional backsweetened with super local wildflower honey.

I don’t generally keep beer for longer than a week or so, other than maybe a bottle or two or Imperial Stout that I save to split with friends.


5 bottles, all 750 mls.


I usually have between 60 and 80 different beers hanging around, currently that’s down to about 60. Mostly Belgian and British, nothing out of date apart from a couple that somehow ‘missed the boat’.


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Right now I am sitting at 178. Earlier this year I was around 260 but haven’t purchased much lately. Of what I have, it’s about 140 singles and about 40 bombers to share. I would say about 20-25 cans/bottles are past the drink by dates but otherwise most everything is fairly fresh or I am holding back on purpose. About every 6-8 months, my cellar is new stock/turned over. I think I only have like 5 or so bottles that I am purposely aging for years to come.

To-be-tasted storage has not often been under 200, laytely between 300 and 400. Aging cellar around 1700, plus some other various stuff, mostly Madeira wine

I have more than usual because of the recent EU Secret Santa and a long weekend away. About 40 bottles at home and another 10 or so in my locker at work. Need to get my wife out of the house so I can have some mini tasting sessions.

I did a stock take: 57 beers (including 2 ciders, 1 cider - hopped, 2 cider - fruit, 1 ice cider, 1 perry and 1 mead) at home plus 12 in the locker.

Think about 300 to 400, mostly barley wines, imperial stouts and lambics. I have a rolling stock of around 40 to 50 IPAs and pales in the fridge, it probably drink 15 a week, so they don’t hang around more than a month. I have 20 different DIPAs and IPAs in my fridge, even in Barbados

Mine’s 10 bottles at the moment. Have to keep it under 15 due to small cellar size. Maybe one day I’ll expand by knocking it through into a second cardboard box…


I’m still probably around 150. Only really dig in 3-4 times per year when I hang with beer people and even then it’s just a few bottles. Oh well.

I usually have like 20-40 beers at home, I never buy more beers when I get to 40-50 until I drink a few, only if I find something very interesting.

Less than 20 in the rot box + a case of Põhjala ÖÖ in the friend’s cellar (from which I’m planning to open one bottle in a year) + few drink ASAP beers in the fridge. I generally like fresh beer more.

Moving country a few months ago definitely helped. I think I have about 10-15 beers in the cupboard that and then another 20 or so in the fridge for drinking soon.

Maybe down to a dozen. Certainly a few “choice” ones. :wink:

I do a dozen in, in 2 to 3 days…

161 in the cellar

53 fresh/on deck

I’m old. Time to wind it down.