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How can we find out how OG we are?

That was tongue in cheek reply to your comment that it is offensive to the brewer :wink: It just isn’t.

I don’t see a problem having different logic in rb and untappd to be honest.

This is very subjective: but to be honest, I think you’re maybe putting too much emphasizes on the interesting info on the label. Yes, it is interesting info for the nerds like us. I can’t deny that. But it is also easy to forget that blending itself is skill or even art. A good blender can make consistently the same product from base lambiks that have different character. Hence it means that even in the geuze with exactly the same character, average age of the lambik varies, fruit intensity varies in fruit lambic (when fresh fruits are used), it may even mean that your regular boon oude geuze contains some portion of cognac barrel lambic that brewer thinks is too intense to sell as separate product etc. These are all interesting bits to get, but in the end of the day they don’t make a different product as the brewer’s actual aim is to remake the same thing.

To be clear I’m not saying we should have same logic as UT in every aspect. I’m glad we don’t have separate entry for each year of Chimay (although I would very much like to see how are different vintages rated under same entry, but I’ll keep on dreaming).

But when it comes to lambic I feel old RB ways should ease up a bit. And that’s because this is very subjective and because blending is a skill (or even art) and because there is (at least for me) clear brewers intention to differentiate their products.

to be clear, Werner’s logic was more among the lines of “Every blend of Geuze is different, but I understand you won’t separate them all. That’s why I think it’s more logical if you alias Zenne”

I agree, but as a matter of fact, when it comes to Lambic we already are much more lenient than the “rules” would say, and for good reasons.

Of course, the optimal solution would be to add an option for different batches of the same beer like Brewver does it. I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, though.

Anyhow, this is quite off-topic to the thread now.

Maybe the answer is something like a hybrid system for entries like Chimay. I’m just thinking out loud here, but maybe like you have a beer, then an option to check off what year you had at different points. All those might work towards the same rating, but you can tick years within the entry.

Well I figured it was more him not being opposed to the idea of merging the entries rather than initiating the merge. I’m pretty sure he would have been OK with separating certain beers.

And if the time comes it will be difficult to split what was already merged.

The answer is no, we can’t find our how OG we are. That’s the thread.

Yes something like that would be the idea. But I’d like to see how Chimay from 1995 held up in 2005. So there would have to be a way to present that data under the main rating.

Edit: Also it would be nice if changes like splitting the Megablends are communicated somehow. This especially goes for merging beers.

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