How common is Dopplebock in most bars and pubs in upstate NY?

I discovered Dopplebock when I was staying at an Inn in Pennsylvania.

Is Dopplebock commonly available in most drinking establishments?
I am located in Rochester.
How about retail distribution?

Can’t speak to upstate, but in NYC it exists… seasonally, but is definitey not a common style that can be counted on to be at any given bar. That said, the old German staples of the style are more readily available in beer stores, like Ayinger Celebrator and the like.

Your best bet is to find some local breweries and check their tap lists online. Dopplebock isn’t super common, but many breweries will have one occasionally.

Try looking for German restaurants in area for example Unter Biergarten looks real good they have 24 drafts and probably some bocks most the time