How difficult to find a KBBS? (PNW BA stouts/sours to trade.)

Hi folks. Apologies for the potentially lame question (it’s been quite a while since I’ve traded on here) – but I’m wondering how difficult it would be to find a bottle of KBBS (any batch). My older brother’s 40th birthday is coming up at the end of the month, and it’s one he’s been wanting for as long as he’s known about it.

I’ve got some interesting PNW options to trade for it, including a few varieties of Holy Mountain Midnight Still, both versions of Fremont’s Ancient One brews, and a couple of sours from the tiny Floodland Brewing in Seattle (opened by one of the original founders of Holy Mountain)… and a few other things if none of that does the trick.

Thought I’d test the waters and see if this was possible by the end of the month. Thanks in advance for any pointers or advice!

KBBS is about $900 currently on the secondary market, according to Beerblackbook. Which is insane (personal opinion). But you could likely assume that you’ll have to offer one helluva package to land one. Probably not the response you were looking for - sorry. But I think its cool that you are trying to track one down for your bro - very cool. I hope you have success.

As BVery said, that’s basically would it goes for unfortanely. Certain older batches even more. Unfortunately, the beer world has collectively lost its mind the last few years and I don’t see it abating in time for your brother’s birthday.

The very existence of something called “Beerblackbook” just makes me sad. :slight_smile:

In any case, I appreciate the info! Glad to at least know it isn’t at all likely.


Insane indeed.