How do Americans know if they are OK to drive?

I just drank a Toppling Goliath pseudoSue. Listed here as 5.8% ABV, it’s 6.8% according to their website. There is no mention of this on the can.

Here in 'straya, there is (there must be) a sticker saying how many standard drinks the package contains. And you figure out whether you can drive based on that (2 Australian standard drinks in the first hour, 1 per hour in subsequent hours should keep you under 0.05% blood alcohol concentration, which is both a legal and scientifically reasonable threshold for being in charge of a motor vehicle).

So how do Americans figure this out if it’s not on the package?

by using Uber to do brewery or pub crawls


So those standard units apply only to standard humans with standard bodies in standard condition, I assume?

I just don’t drink when I have to drive.


I hate American breweries who hide the ABV, there’s really no reason to conceal this information from customers.
They’re just as bad as the ones that don’t print a canned on date (or BBD) so you have absolutely no idea how fresh their beer is. Some breweries have definitely passed off older beers to UK shops to sell because there’s no evidence of them being old. Seen this happen a number of times over the past year now that we’re getting even more American beers in the UK.


Yup. DFH is/was notorious for this shit. Some goofball slammin down 18% WW without a clue to the abv. Good times!


Unfortunately some people are too cheap to do this. I remember a certain Adam Jackson who admits visiting beer festivals in Belgium and after seven hours of drinking he would just drive because he “had lots of water and a burger in between, bro”.


I hate this as well. I have several local breweries that are notorious for this. In my area though, people don’t give a shit. They drink and drive like it’s a hobby…then again, I live in an area that is primarily “Bud Heavy” drinkers and the cops aren’t going to bat an eye until you’ve actually killed someone by DUI. I’ve actually gotten into arguments with some neighbors of mine over how ridiculous it is that they will drink an entire case of beer and then go cruise around. Their argument is that they have been drinking AND driving since middle school and haven’t killed anyone yet. It’s mind blowing the baboons I am surrounded by. I would guess that easily over half of the people in my community who drink, regularly drink and drive impaired.


For any American who wants to keep his ass out of jail, these are the only real options.
Except of course drinking at home which is what I do.

Sierra Nevada surprisingly does this crap.
I would have bought a 12 pack of their new brut IPA today but ABV is not posted on their 12 packs.

I don’t think we can apply a universal standard to all people. Some people stone sober can’t be trusted with a car. .05 may be overly conservative for others. Also differs and where and when you are driving. Midwest farm country is different than NYC.

I know that wasn’t the point of your thread but didn’t want to let that slip through.

Chances you will be pulled over driving out a brewery are pretty slim, even if there is a cop waiting right outside the brewery… Now, the question of whether you should do this depends on your personal moral compass and confidence in driving. I personally do not know how to drive and live in NYC so this in not an issue for me. I would reckon that most American beer drinkers who visit breweries in most of America just drive a bit buzzed and possibly slightly or very over the limit. Otherwise, if you want to stay below the .08 limit you buy a breathalyzer and see how you do before sitting in your auto.


USAians aren’t the only ones that take cars to places that serve alcohol, but it’s pretty easy to avoid this dilemma by not driving.

…or you could use public transportation.

Public transportation? Are you sure you’re talking USA? Except in larger urban areas I don’t think we got much.

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Is this sarcasm? There are hundreds of public transportation authorities in the United States; all fifty states have at least two (if not far more for the more populous states).

In the UK its 0.08. Thats roughly 2 pints, which is already a lot. Then of course you take the 1 unit per hour metabolism rate, calculate when you’ll be driving home, and many will have a third or fourth pint. Thats why so many end up drink-driving here. Heres a photo from last week of an unsuccessful attempt to drive home after a few pints, taken a few miles from my house


Well, in Sacramento, CA. it can take many changes and a long time to get from A to B. I tried the San Diego transit site a few months ago. Over 30 stops, about 3 changes, and almost 2 hours for maybe 6 miles. Gave up and used uber.

San Diego PT is great however, if you are going to/from major shopping and/or tourist areas. Not particularly good at getting to some breweries around the downtown area.

I used my small town’s PT to commute 40 miles R/T to work in Sacramento for over 20 years.

In London I can use P/T to do beering. Is there anywhere in the US that works so well? (remember that there needs to be a pee break once in awhile and using a planter at a bus stop isn’t well thought of)

In downtown Portland the TriMet is handy for North/South - tho there’s a lot of walking East/West.

So change “I don’t think we got much” to “except for commuting and tourism I don’t think we got much that isn’t awkward and extremely time consuming”. Shame that.


That’s the thing I may miss most about living in New York City I could go to endless beer activities and get myself home safely without driving even crossing my mind. Where I live now just have to be responsible which I find annoying, and Uber’s end up being main expense of evening so better off buying and bringing home most the time or I leave many ticks on table.



Breweries thankfully almost always post their ABVs. I usually get no more than 2 pints worth of beer (in a 90-120 minute period), though if I’m out long enough, I will add in additional beers slowly. I kind of do quick calculations in my head regarding how much the beers equivalent abv would probably translate to. I’m more than willing to leave beers on the board if I know I should be heading home.

When I am at a bar or restaurant where the alcohol content isn’t always so clear, I rarely have more than the equivalent of 2 pints of ~6% beer. I usually like to either go to a bar on a full stomach or I try to snack there. I know that doesn’t make a huge difference, but I don’t really like drinking on an empty stomach.

When I’m not driving, all bets are off.

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