How do i add this

Add it as a new Brewery as a brewpub. You could use the clone button to add it as a place but would then have to get it edited by an admin.

Ive got no address info for it, is the problem

In cases like this (for UK places) I normally take the publicly listed address on their Companies House record (freely searchable on the website) however I just had a look myself and they don’t appear to be registered as a company, at least not under that name.

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Wait a sec. Is it this company?

Says their business type is public houses and bars so it could be it. If you think it is then I guess use the address there?

EDIT: Nope never mind I’m an idiot. Just saw the company is dissolved so it’s obviously not them!

Nope i did have it a little while ago. but not that long ago,
Still on the plus side i have almost cleared a large backlog today

Those beers are brewed exclusively for the Hickory’ s Smokehouse restaurant chain so as a stopgap would add the brewery as a Commissioner and use head office address for the restaurants.

Or tweet them and ask who brews them.

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Sadlers were brewing for Hickorys and did a 5% rye IPA which I added a while back. I’ll ask the brewer next time I’m at the brewery and see if I can get anything out of him.

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