How do I find my old messages?

Crap, how in the heck do I see my old beermails?

  1. Find a way to navigate back to the “old” website. This looks like it should work –

  2. Click on the “envelope” icon in the upper right corner.

Clicking this link directly should also work –

That’s it! Thanks for your help!

You fuckin old guys. Sheesh! :grin:

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I know, Joe is making the site easier for all these young Tech-Savvy guys to use but us old timers are freaking out!

I’m an old guy but that was a embarrassingly easy thing to find.

I,m an old guy too but gotta fuck with the other old guys, especially Mr. Footbalm. It’s one of the things I do!

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Not so sure what you are trying to imply about me but you are surely entitled to your own opinion.