How do I list this?

Got a beer from Utobeer the other day. Golden Era Ancient Grain beer. Brewed at Brasserie La Binchoise but by some English guys working with ZX Ventures which I think is AB Inbev. Website gives very little away? Any advice admins?

“I’m not an admin but…”

I get the impression they’re American (no English person would ever use the word “fall”, also -ize vs -ise), and their About Us section suggests they began in the US. No company by the name of “Golden Era” is registered at Companies House, no physical address on the contact page either. The founder Eli Libman is American and he works for ZX Ventures. With this in mind, the release of that beer being exclusive to London is strange.

ZX Ventures is ABI you’re right, same firm with a stake in Ratebeer. Their online distributor (BeerHawk) is also ABI owned.

I would assume the listing name on RateBeer should be “Golden Era (ABInBev)” but no idea what country they’d fall under or what you’d put as their address.

TL;DR: I don’t think this is a UK beer despite its London release.

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There website say this, in the “about us section”

“Golden Era began in 2016 in Brooklyn, NY. Founder Eli Libman”

Yes but within the context of the whole paragraph it sounds like that’s where he began his interest in brewing, not necessarily when he started brewing beer or set up a brewery, as is evidenced by the use of the Belgian brewery.

Anyway I see it’s now listed under the AB InBev brewery in the UK so it seems it’s taken care of. I don’t think AB InBev should be in the name in this case though as it’s not part of the brand name?

I’ve just parked it there while I am checking it through. I appreciate that it is currently quite incorrect but I don’t want to put the work in then lose it.