How do I turn the language of the site back to English?

All of a sudden parts of the website are in Dutch. How do I turn this off?

(additional info: I live in The Netherlands. So I can see why the site might think I would like to read in Dutch. But I don’t. English will do fine, thank you.)


میں آپ کی پوسٹ دیکھتا ہوں جو کسی بھی شخص کے لئے بہت سارے راستے ہیں جو اصل میں ایک بیرونی زندگی ہے یا شاید آپ تیزی سے بوجھ اٹھاتے ہیں اور صرف بے ترتیب ردی کی ٹوکری کو شروع کرتے ہیں. میں نے کچھ عرصے سے قریب آیا ہے کہ اصل میں آپ کو باہر کی زندگی یا کسی دوست کا سامنا کرنا پڑے گا؟ تم نے ابھی میرے سوال کا جواب دیا. سنجیدہ طور پر سردی کھیل کنسرٹ، یہ آپ کی پوسٹ کے طور پر کمزور ہے. کچھ اور کمزور شٹ کے ساتھ مجھ پر واپس آو. میں ابھی سے ماضی طومال کروں گا. آپ اس سائٹ کو نیچے لاتے ہ


If course I have a life. Hope you do too. Just hate this dumbing down of the internet where you get all of a sudden unnecessary translations of websites, based on location. I get it that people might find it convenient to read in their own language, but in this time of globalisation location one can’t expect the location to be synonym with preferred language. Ergo: I want to be able to choose my language preference myself. I assume it’s somewhere, so any ideas where to find it?


You should be able to change the language settings in your browser.

You must be kidding to think that is a satisfactory answer. Why would anyone change their browser languages just for Ratebeer?


And as well not right. My phone browser is in English and it shows ratebeer (more specifically the search pages) in Dutch.
It could be that it started on a Dutch language browser, but now it seems to be there to last.

PS don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great that the effort is taken to offer ratebeer in more local languages. It could definitely help attract more people to the site and in doing so make for a better dbase. I would just like to have the option to choose as well. Lots of websites do this so it can’t be too hard.

You can’t always choose the language of your browser. Chances are that I’m moving to Germany in the future. What then? It’s annoying enough when the system and browser are in German, but if all websites decide to change to German as well it’d be hell.

RateBeer does not choose the language based on where you are. It honors the preferences requested by the browser. So if your browser is requesting Italian while you’re in Poland (for example), RateBeer will display in Italian.

This site shows you what language your browser is requesting all websites to display in:

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That is nice, but how about letting us choose like every other website on this planet?

I constantly have the feeling that changes are not thought through but rather pushed out ASAP, leaving a larger and larger pile of unresolved problems and half-assed features. Cf. forum/website integration, new search, etc.


My browser is in German. I want it that way. But I want RB in English, because that’s the main language spoken on here. Changing parts of the site to German makes no sense - it actually makes following all this harder, as I constantly need to switch between languages.

An easy solution would be to give users the OPTION of choosing the language of the site, as @anstei suggested, not the paternalistic approach of “Your browser is in language A, so you will now get language A”. We’re all adults here. Let us choose the language like you actually value our preferences.


This is good feedback. We will see about providing a RateBeer-specific preference instead of a Browser specific preference for those that need it.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Jesus fucking wept.


I haven’t had any issue with languages till now, but if this is a big issue for users, I hope it’ll be fixed soon. After translation of the glassware description pages is done of course.

Wonder what went through the person’s mind who decided to force a language on non-English visitors based solely on location/browser…

“Give users a choice? They surely wouldn’t want a choice? Let’s just take a wild guess what country they are in, guess what languages they speak, guess which of those languages they prefer, and use that! What could possibly go wrong? There surely won’t be any backlash.”


I was jokingly referencing possibly the most famous quote in RateBeer forum history from this thread:

“I see your post which are way too many for anyone that actually has an outside life or maybe you get buzzed fast and just start posting random garbage. I’ve came close a few times to actually say do you have an outside life or any friends? You just answered my question. Seriously a ColdPlay concert, that’s as weak as your post are.

Come back at me with some more weak shit I’m gonna scroll past from now on. You bring this site down.” -Crizay

Just joking, Martin! :beers:


This sounds like you are concerned about possibility. And I’m sorry, but if providing a small button/link/preference setting/whatever is too much for RB, the problem isn’t possibility but will.
Don’t get me wrong - I think it’s a great idea to provide good beer info in as many languages as possible. But the choice of which language to read should be left to the reader.

Let’s say there’s something wrong with a section of the website that can be translated in two or more ways. If I would have to use the website in German and needed to describe the problem to @services, I’d have to switch my browser language, re-visit the problem in English and only then I would be able to give an accurate description with 100% confidence. That’s just an unnecessarily complicated way to go about this.


In firefox, there’s a global setting for your language preferences. You don’t have to chose just one language, you can list several, and even give them weightings.

The simple way of setting the preferences is: about:preferences#content
There’s a lower-level interface in about:config , the intl.accept_languages setting, which you can set to a value as specified here:

Note that stupid websites like google use Geo-IP detection, which is utter bogosity, for the reason @martinus states. From what @services has said, It sounds like ratebeer is doing things the correct way, in which case, please give yourself a pat on the back. Unfortunately too many users aren’t aware of this language preference setting, so it didn’t really catch on with website authors, which meant that it was less useful, which meant that there was less mention of it, which meant that there was less use of it, which meant that it was basically in a downward spiral. Which is unfortunate, as it’s exactly what 99% of people need, and has been in the HTTP standard right from the very early days - it’s a solved problem.

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Holy shit @services keeping it condescending. I nominate you for 2018 Ratebeer Troll of the Year. Sorry @AdamChandler

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@cubs holy shit that thread is a great read.

It’s the same with Opera. So I went to my browser preferences and deleted every other language from the preferred languages. I’ve only got “English” left in there. But the newer parts of RB are still in German. Even after restarting my computer, logging out and back in. German. While other websites are now in English, RB stays German.

I’m pissed off about this. A simple button or preference setting would’ve made it optional to switch. Now I suddenly need to switch browsers to get RB in my preferred language? Fuck this, seriously. I’m losing my patience. Fast.