How do you spend

At one time, most beer geeks basically bought everything available. However, many markets are flooded nowadays and most of us can’t do that anymore. So…

how do you make your beer purchase decisions?

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  1. Is it new to me?

  2. Is it new to me?

    repeat ad infinitum

With local breweries, I still try to get them all.

With Franconian breweries (you might call them local for me, but they really aren’t), I still try to get them all.

At festivals, I still try to get them all.

Besides that, I just go to my usual places and buy random stuff that seems interesting.

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Local new

Local favorites

Old favorites/new ticks depending on my mood (if I feel like taking a chance on something new)

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There are quite a few breweries where I try to grab everything new they release. There are a few breweries where I just buy everything in styles I don’t hate and there are some breweries for which the beers have to sound really great. Sometimes I also go into shops / bars that only have a few new ticks so i just buy those, regardless of who they are.


As you say market is flooded.

SO i Buy way less bottles
Drink mostly in Bars
And Prioritise New Scottish beers

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I still do get most of the locals. But when ordering at the online shops or doing festivals criteria is

  1. Is it new for me
  2. Untappd score

If the untappd score is relatively low (let’s say < 3.8) I’ll go for style more interesting to me

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I buy when and where ever I can afford too. New country first, new brewery second, Shropshire third, Scottish fourth, Welsh fifth, then the rest.

40% of my drinking is out of the house in pubs and bars, that means supping bottles and cans at home has eaten into my pub going quiet a lot (60% actually) over the last few years (since I joined the beer internet world), as I very rarely drank beer at home, only wine and spirits.


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I’ll go for the styles I like if indeed I can’t buy everything that’s new

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Do you get tired of all the bad new beer and the wasted cost? If I bough EVERYTHING new to me, I would be dumping 90% of beer and be very unhappy.


Does anyone have cost restrictions? For example, I rarely buy bottles over $20, and even $15 is more than I like to pay.


For sure! My budget is much tighter lately. I laugh at bottles/cans at the price points you mentioned. I understand the effort the brewers go through but come on, $15-16 bucks for a NE style IPA i,d love to try? Sorry, no can do! The Insane amounts for some BRGW whatever fuckin barrel aged RIS,s is obscene. Y’all can have,m.

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I’m focusing a lot more on local and styles I know I like

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I rarely drink these days outside of beer tastings. I mostly just seek out old vintage beers, lambic, country ticks and beers with cool labels as I collect labels. Other than that, I’m trying to drink down the non-lambic portion of my cellar at beer shares.


My primary criteria is whether it is from a country that I have less than 100 ratings from. If that’s the case, I will always choose for something that satisfies this criteria first (though it is admittedly getting difficult lately).

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In order of priority:

  1. New countries (doesn’t happen really anymore)
  2. New regions
  3. Beer from new local breweries
  4. Beer from countries that I have less than 100 ratings of
  5. Beers that are highly rated here (i.e. in the top 50 for their style)
  6. Styles that I like

If it doesn’t meet any of those criteria then I’ll either buy nothing or on old favourite. Gone are the tick-whoring days when I’d buy whatever, (unless of course I am abroad).

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I won’t pay more than 50 cents/ounce for anything bottled/canned. At breweries/bars $1 an ounce is my absolute max. In both cases if I’m spending at the max it’s for something that I can be reasonably sure I’ll enjoy – so, a style I like from a brewery I know does the style well.

Apart from that I try to keep the vast majority of my money local. I do my best to visit new breweries, but very often re-visit places that I know make great beers. We have such an abundance of beer here in San Diego that it’s pretty easy to be picky. Other times I’m choosing based on pure convenience – i.e., I’m running an errand in a particular neighborhood, and I know there is a brewery around the corner.


In order:

  1. My last few missing styles (if I ever see them).
  2. New breweries.
  3. Blue-ing up my lesser-rated English counties (not too bothered about beers from regions where I’ve already got over 100 rates - at least until @joet & co finally get round to the should-be-easy enhancement if adding more map colours for 200, 500 & 1,000 rates -any chance of it Joe?
  4. New non-English regions, and new countries (providing that doesn’t involve crappy pale lagers).

Don’t see any point in spending more than £5 on a can/bottle when it’s so easy to get great beer in the UK for much less than that.



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Having recently become unemployed, I sure as hell am much more frugal with my beer buck now.
I will shop Total Wine as usual but now only if I have coupons. Otherwise I scour whatever supermarkets I visit for good shelf beers on sale for 8-9 dollars/pack. That and a lot more 12 and 15 pack beers.

I always have but of course TEHO.

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