How is UT doing during lockdown?

It goes without saying that probably overall ticking and rating are down on both sites, but it seems like the whole lockdown might affect Untappd more, since it cuts out the 90% of traffic they have that says “Bubba joe drank a miller lite at X dive bar.” I have no scientific basis for this statement, just wondering out loud.

They seem to be doing some sort of ‘Lockdown at Home’ promotion in terms of where people are tagging beers.

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Yes, how is Utah doing?

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Yeah, only 18 million check-ins to that since it was launched in March.

Pretty much answers the question about ticking being “down” on UnTapdd.

Don’t know about RateBeer, however.

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Well if number of 500 ratings per day is correct then it’s about 60k in 4 months.


I would guess UT is probably doing more check-ins or the same, purely anecdotal, as I have no evidence, but I think people are drinking more than they were before, and people who try new stuff all the time are repeating beers more often. UT would not notice a decrease from that as you can checkin a million of the same beer, but here, there’s nothing to do with a repeat, so it’s probably more of an impact on this site.


Beer consumption should be down, because many breweries were(are?) brewing less than they did before. Also there are just way less new ticks available for most people (no festivals, less collabs and less travelling because of travel restrictions etc). While you can do repeat check-ins in untappd, most people i know do it less obsessively than with the new ticks. So I’m pretty sure that untappd checkins are down.

Three of my planned festivals were postponed to next year, that’s at least 4-500 ticks less :smiley: Two trips cancelled (2 were related to festivals), which is at least another 50-100 ticks less… I am ticking way less this year because of covid.

Depends where you live and your normal patterns. I expect the normally high rate tickers are dropping faster than the average person. My ticking rate was declining even pre-pandemic when not traveling.

There is still enough new beer being released from Ontario breweries that I can’t easily keep up with them all. (I’m also not really trying - my own drinking ratio has shifted from 80-90% new : 10% repeats to about 30% new : 70% repeats.)

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Is this even allowed @ RB?


I’ve been a little bit sick in my mouth.

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I’m pretty sure the average beer drinking and partying life in Utah has largely gone unaffected by the whole COVID-19 thing.

That’s where I ideally want to be. A pretty good ratio. Now if I can just kick the tick twitches… :rofl:

I wonder if this whole thing makes breweries go back to focusing on brewing their trademark beers. As in, since many breweries aren’t selling flights all the time of new beers and doing more canning/bottling, maybe they will still more to the stuff they know people will buy in cans rather than always releasing a thousand variations with different names. Maybe brand recognition will become a thing again

A lot of UK brewries seem to be releasing more beers or at least they have not slowed down. As they were selling pretty much entirely selling bottles/cand, often direct, it keeps people interested. Especially if they’re special releases.

They’re just “rating” the many different vintages of Bud over there now. :+1:t2:

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Must be breweries with small batches, and a lot of hype. A lot of beers are normally sold through bars. The bars were closed, hence a lot less beers were sold (even if shops sold more bottles, they didn’t make up for it). I know this by speaking with some local brewery people. I was actually really surprised how much is sold through bars.

I’m too lazy to write a script that scrapes the data about new beers, but it would be interesting to see the actual stats tho … I know that in Estonia there were about 50+ less new beers brewed, based on the local alcohol registry. There was also postponement of Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend, which usually had some small batch / one keg experimental stuff, which even didn’t make it to registry.

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