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How long will it take to dethrone Travlr from top DC rater?

Gene’s at 648 since he quit. @nimbleprop is closest second at 578 right now, then me at 515 and @radagast83 at 491. Argo0 is next but he quit too. @GenDV138 is at 372… I swear I’m going on the biggest DC pub crawl when all this quarantine is done, bomb the taplists at right proper, Bluejacket


Well, I’ve had three different beers from Washington DC so far, and Gene gave me two of them. I think you’re safe from me overtaking you, unless something in biblical proportions happens to either of us.


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I’m 70 behind… sheesh, it might happen late this year then. I’m still getting ticks in, just not as fast.

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Has Gene officially quit rating? I’m not sure I knew that.

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Yes, he was one of many casualties when Budweiser bought RB. Still rates on UT, so it hasn’t slowed his lifestyle at all by the looks of it.

I’ll be there!

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I am making a game attempt to become the lead rater of Maryland meads, but Gene is way ahead on that too.

:rofl: :rofl:

So er yeah. As y’all may have gathered I’m a cyclist. My circle of bike friends includes the wife of the proprietor of Maryland Meadworks. We are attempting to help Rumi and Ken keep their employees paid, via a (usually) bike based delivery to NoVa. I have now had all of their offerings except for one new one they sold out, but they may make it again. Between those and the Charm City ones I’ve had, I’ve reached 5th. Without the ability to go visit all the other meaderies and drink flights, it’s going to be hard to catch up to first any time soon.

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I didn’t even know you could see who is the highest rater of a style in a given region. I know how to do overall from region, or overall from various styles

Not for a style, like IPAs, or fruited meads. But you can see the leaderboard for a given state for total meads, as for total ciders, and total beers. (I haven’t looked at total sakes, but I guess for that as well)

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I’ve kicked his ass in Wyoming :grinning:


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