How many beers are named after RB references?

I know there were a couple of beers named after 110k+OT by Cigar City

And I’m sure there have been beers named after RB users

How many others are out there? Might be a cool tag to add to those we can find. Like beers named after RB references or users tag @oh6gdx


This was made for Jame’s 10k rate. We had nice tasting and bunch of us got to have

I know that @VastActiv has a beer named after him for his 10k.

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Benzai has a couple of 10k beers (10k ratings and 10k beer ratings) :

pretty sure Gene had one for his 10K

That was my 10K beer, Keskisarja is my last name and that’s my beautiful face in the corner.

10K beer for Rosenbergh, was available at one festival couple of years ago

I think this was olio’s 10K beer, Rouru is his last name. Was available at one bar (Salhojankadun Pub?) in Tampere


This tag already exists for years:

Always nice if users keep up with tagging beers. It’s actually a pretty useful source for digging a little deeper into the db. But most of us will never care I guess.

I refuse to add tags until they allow me to do it when I enter new beers. Until @admins or @services does that, the tags will hardly ever get added. I add beers all the time and put whatever I know about it when I add beers, but the whole annoying system for adding tags only after makes it unlikely to happen.

But yes, I otherwise agree that it would be a great resource… we just need to make it easier for people who do the work adding beers to also add tags. Help us help you RB admins!


Myself and @BlackHaddock are celebrating our 10k this Saturday with some Drie Fonteinen pate and a jeroboam of Chimay Blue in a park like a couple of tramps (socially distanced of course)

No beers named for us tho.


@tderoeck has his Totem Kornkrake tderoeck’s 10k Lemon Drop IPA:


This is my contribution!



Yeah, you do realize that the admins are in the same position as any other user - regardless if they are premium or non-premium or a single-time users - when it comes to suggesting features? Heck, at certain times, especially in 2018, you were apparently more likely to have your suggestion introduced if you have never used the site - even if it countered everything actual users asked for, but let’s not go there again.

Please open a thread about that in the Website Feedback forum board and tag services and maybe Joe. You’ll definitely have my support!



Inspired by sebletitje

And this

Cheers to SeaBass.

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And of course gunhaver:

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I’m pretty sure I have at least once, if not multiple times. It’s one of those things I’ve given up on like splitting Belgium into regions or adding a box that says “flights/4oz tasters available” on places. I just get triggered about it every now and then on other threads. @services @joet

Ya, sorry, I meant people who could actually make those changes rather than admins.

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A friend told me there was a Troopie Porter, but I’ve been unable to find it. And I was not the only troopie.

Seem to remember that I had a Belgian beer at Cotts Convention that was named after one of the UK guys. And when I was going through Siren Brewery’s beer list I spotted one brewed for Theydon Bois’ wedding.