How many beers would you need to rate to get to 100 in each Czech region?

Let’s try with something easier, for Euros at least. A country that’s very much visited by plenty of beer tourists, so not THAT terrible for people from other continents too. But who knows. OFC, I’m making this partly even to show off, as my score of 165 could easily be the lowest), no secret there.

Missing 7 to complete Liberec, missing 8 to complete Olomouc - didn’t visit either, though I did pass through Olomouc by train - going for a fest to Olomouc later in the month though ( Moravská vernisáž piva #2 ), so that should be easy. But honestly, I could probably end both with a well planned pub crawl in Prague. Similar with Moravia-Silesia, which I have 12 left.

The 64 for Zlín and 74 for Pardubice will be harder to do. Just not that many breweries with good distribution. Oh well, that just means I’ll have to travel there. :smiley:


Edit: No! In fact the Slovak contingent are dominating this one and I have to settle for 3rd most likely. @Cuso is the winner with a fantastic score of 81! 19 Zlín, 21 for Liberec and 41 for Pardubice. @Gurthnar is not far behind - 112! 21 Liberec, 29 Zlín and 62 Pardubice!


Only 527
Could be doable, but not sure it will happen.

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Oh Dear: Bit of work to be done before I manage to challenge the top raters.

All Regions ‘rated’, but all pretty low total wise. Two beery trips to Prague account for most of my rates, should have tried harder!



Yes, there’s still a lot to do. I got 221 ratings from Central Bohemia and 100 from Plzeň, but only 9 from Zlín… At least - all in all - 1014 beers from the Czech republic… My second most rated country!


I’ve had a whopping 13 Czech brews, so a mere 1,387 to go… might take me a little while yet!

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