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How many beers would you need to rate to get to 100 in each US state?

I was thinking how many beers I would need to rate to achieve travlr’s feat of 100 rates in each state (100 times the number of states where you have less than a hundred then deduct number of ratings in those states). I was a little surprised that my number was as high as it was: 2040.

I don’t know if I will ever get there (mostly because I will probably never go to Alabama).

2753 further away than I thought.

Easy there tiger, I am still working on 10 for each state. However, I will play along, 2,419.

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Mine is 3572. Honestly thought it would be much higher given actual American people numbers.

To get to 10 of each I’m only 47 away and have been to 7 of the 9 states I’m not at 10 for. Issue was early on in RB career I was mostly focused on just NY State beers as primary objective.

Well, where do I start? It’s not going to happen unless I win the Lottery.

California is the only State I have over 100 in, it sits at 961.

Next up is Colorado on 81, then New York on 79.

Only other States that are over 50 are Massachusetts and Oregon, both sat on 52 rates each.

Add to that I still haven’t had a single beer from Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota or West Virginia and not likely too either.


PS. The answer to the question is 4,325 more beer rates!

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Better get started now.

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OK @weihenweizen, I will buy a Lottery Ticket for this weekend!


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2022 I see numerous vacations to the upper plains in my future. Somebody tell me, what is there to do in South Dakota?

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Drink beer and look from east side of state all the way to Mount Rushmore. Don’t get blown over by wind!

2093 for me which I imagine will be one of the lower figures, as is the nature of this stat, for someone who isn’t from or who has never lived in the US

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With only 9 states complete and only living in Alaska for 6 years of my time on RateBeer I knew this would be high. It would take me 3158 (16 states under 10 rakes)

4,983 for me - in the lead so far!

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@wheresthepath, I think you will find there will be some people with almost 5,100 rates to get!


Woo hoo, must be near the top of this table with 5,083!


Just the 17 'merican rates then mate?


Yes indeed, Mr Fish, Sir, from 9 States - so lots of work to do!

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I’m at 1904 for 100 in each. I’m not even thinking about 100. Maybe 50… still need to get to 10 like @jow in 6 states - 19 rates away from that.

Basically the way I see it, my numbers in some of the far away states that I’ve never been to are often driven by one popular brewery that pops up. Or at least that starts to ship more widely. I had basically no N. Dakota until Drekker started showing up everywhere in the east.

My whole Utah list of 40-something is just Uinta and Epic basically. My 41 Oklahoma ticks are like 35 Prairies, and six american soleras.

Iowa is basically only Toppling Goliath (not a bad problem to have, mostly thanks to trips by @Iphonephan )
Hawaii is only Maui and Kona.

Too bad @Travlr quit. He’d have a heyday with all these new regions on here to chase.

Ooh I like this one.

  • I have 10 states over 100, 32 over 10. (3 states with 0 ratings still so that doesn’t help.)
  • I need 138 to get to 10 each, and 3366 to get to 100 each.
  • I have 3195 total US ratings, so that’s more than double what I currently have. I don’t see getting to 100 happening anytime soon :slight_smile:

You have me beat and I’m only a 2 hour drive from the US!

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