How many beers would you need to rate to get to 100 in each US state?

Marking as Spam as your last update was 2 months ago, should be a minimum of 6 months.


@SHIG, those two months seem like a lifetime!


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I was hugely wrong, thanks to a trip to Boise and with help of @stevoj and @BuckeyeBoy I’ve taken Idaho past 100. Also attending GABF has helped me slice my requirements now to 2627. I should be able to get under 2600 by end of the year just by the beers I have in my fridge.


A couple days at Gettysburg proved fruitful!


Made a lot of progress after trips to Idaho, Alabama, Kentucky and Indiana.

Here’s my to do list. New Hampshire, CT and SC it’s just a question of remembering to grab those when I see them, they are around often enough these days. A steady stream of Drekker is boosting my ND, and in DC we are starting to see a couple RI breweries like Proclamation show up on tap more. I have a buddy from Miss who sometimes brings me stuff, and got more in Alabama. But my bottom five remain fairly impenetrable.


South Carolina 3.38 94
New Hampshire 3.42 93
Wisconsin 3.31 92
Nevada 3.28 90
Texas 3.16 86
Connecticut 3.5 85
West Virginia 3.3 81
New Jersey 3.37 77
Idaho 3.38 75
Alabama 3.29 69
Utah 3.34 64
Minnesota 3.49 63
Wyoming 3.32 58
Louisiana 3.33 56
Arizona 3.48 53
Oklahoma 3.68 50
Montana 3.17 49
Rhode Island 3.28 45
Alaska 3.58 39
Iowa 3.65 34
North Dakota 3.56 27
Hawaii 3.19 21
Mississippi 3.25 20
Nebraska 3.08 13
Kansas 3.18 11
New Mexico 3.52 9
South Dakota 2.82 5
Arkansas 3.38 4

Sounds like a southbound road trip.

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We also have steady stream of Drekker but the issue is so many of their brews are just horrible sounding fruity nonsense I can’t bring myself to purchase.


I’m totally off the smoothie sours which is 75% of distro here in VA. I do enjoy the 25% of IPA/DIPA that make it here.

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New Mexico is an odd one

If you look at the top 50 raters for the state … you will see 5 are UK based, plus some other Euros

Not cos we’ve been there (I did change planes at Albuquerque once)

Every year going back (at least a dozen) various NM breweries show up in London as part of the cask exchange for the Great British Beer Festival so we’ve all been picking up half a dozen or so beers every year from NM!

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Amen to that. Basically as far as I can tell Drekker is 100% trendy hype. Banana millkshake stouts, smoothie sours and overly green onion-y haze. Yet deez ND tickz…

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Distribution is always an odd one.

I’ve never seen a New Mexico beer out of that state. My 4 rates happened within the border.

I think I had like one in California, but I was looking. Others were at tastings, probably bought in NM

This will be #100 for OR. I also put in good work at work trip to WI a week or so ago. Still no where close to achieving this list

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Got down to 1,343. I somehow doubt that in one month I will get below 1,000 this year, but I suppose I made some progress. Philadelphia is, I think, a little worse than NY when it comes to state ticks. Although, both are equally bad for places like Kansas and Arkansas, for which I have 4 ratings each.

Hoping to have a trip to Wyoming in the not-too-distant future, which could be quite productive. Wyoming and Montana are both still in single digits for me. Idaho also less than 30 ratings.

If you make it to Wyoming, let me know. I live there and can introduce you to numerous breweries in the area.


Just got introduced to Farmstead Cider. Good but want to see what else is around.

We got @SHIG a 100 Idaho ticks over one weekend…if you come hit me and @Buckeyeboy up

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Been on site for long while and still never got to 100 in a month

I may come to Idaho this summer but in casual manor probably hit a couple spots. Idaho is 1 of 3 states I’ve yet to visit. Need more than that for beer place ticks though.