How many brewpubs in New York?

Hi Folks
Could you please help me?.
I would like to know if there is someone who knows how many brewpubs there are in the big apple? or more likely the big beer mug New York ?.

I can’t find the figures on ratebeer. I have googled it, and I found out that NY has more than 400 breweries, but I couldn’t find any figures on, how many of these which are brewpubs.

The reason why I need to know this is: I am a photographer who got fired, and at the newspaper, where I work, we have a right to ‘continuing education’ or courses.

Since there are no jobs as a photographer to apply for in Denmark at the moment, and since I have had a dream of starting up a brewpub in Denmark for several years,
I will try to convince my head manager of the newspaper, that it`s a great idea to have one or two weeks of practice at a brewpub in New York. so I can see and learn more about what it takes to run a brewpub.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions on Brew pubs which make great and modern beers. My own approach to beers are to create exstreme and easy drinking beers with a personal touch.
Thank you very much and happy new year.

André Thorup

here is the list in NYC:

18th Ward
Gun Hill
Birreria Eataly
Randolph Beer
Other Half
Strong Rope
Five Boroughs
Evil Twin NYC
Mikkeller NYC
Bridge and Tunnel
Coney Island
Big Alice
LIC Beer Project
Sixpoint (new taproom in process)
Fifth Hammer
Death Avenue
Greenpoint (not yet reopened)
Braven (new taproom might be forthcoming)
Keg and Lantern

Some of these are brewpubs and some are more breweries, but I believe the above list is the complete one of beer producers in the city.

Also Talea and Torch and Crown, but neither of those are open yet and no one knows when they will be.

I hadn’t heard of 18th Ward, thanks!

They opened very quietly. I have not been there either.

the small local brewpubs catering to a local market were the highlight of my NY trip im. not surprised i barley scratched the surface

Thanks a lot, this is very helpful.

WTF is this story? You were a photographer for a newspaper. You got fired. Not you want the newspaper to send you to NYC (which is in no way similar to anywhere in Denmark) to visit brewpubs? So you can open a brewpub?

What am I missing?

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A social welfare state which enables this? :grin:

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I mean, it’s one thing to have social programs geared toward unemployed people, but state sponsored beer vacations seem too good to be true!

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Are there no decent brewpubs south of the border in Germany? I heard that those guys know a bit about beer (and it would probably be cheaper than going all the way to New York).

Or, more specifically, in Denmark :crazy_face:

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First of all its not the state im asking to finance this.
The fund for continuing education was made long ago as part of the negotiations between the employees and the management.
Normally the courses has to be strictly meaningfull recarding your profession. But since they fired me due to cost savings, that are no longer applicable.
I know that my career change are unusual and i have to work hard to convince the manegement that i’m not just looking for a nice vacation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wrong. In denmark the employees are organized in unions.
And long ago whenthey negotiated with the manegement to get higher wages they agreed to make a foundation were each year you earn days to use on further education.

Do you know any brewpubs in germany with the same approach to beermaking as Evil Twin or Mikkeller ? that would be great.
The ones i know of in germany, makes standard beers very similar to those made by the big breweries.
Denmark is a small country, and im very sure that the owners of the few brewpubs here won’t like to give a future competitor too many ideas.

Heartland is the missing one

I thought they were not brewed in the city, but I just looked up and they have a taproom in Brooklyn apparently still. I guess I was wrong.

Do you have any info on Stillwater Production facility in Brooklyn? I saw a 2018 news article about it being built at 321 Kingsland ave, and it was supposed to open in fall 2018.

The instagram account is not up to date