How many English Pale Ales have you rated?

I’ve had 57
The same number as Foreign Stouts and Lambic Style Gueuze.
Just asking.

That’d be 20 the same as

English Strong Ale
Bière de Garde
California Common
Scottish Ale



Just 2.
I suspect I would have classed them as either a Golden of a Bitter if I were blind tasting. We already put British-made ones under one of those styles, if not I would have a few more than just 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

yes that’s been discussed previously in forums. English Pale Ale is a north american descriptor for pale ales using British hops brewed off the isles i believe. where as actual British beers that are similar are bitters. correct me if im on wrong on that

Many but they keep getting taken away from me :wink:

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Was going to say 2 but it’s gone down to one.

Although my APA number also seem to fluctuate. Just lost one of those too.

Three for me. Based on those I think the style description should be amended to “really crap overseas attempts to imitate UK bitters”.

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73 - many brewed on the East side of the pond

I reached 50 pale lager rates 3 times due to style changes on ones I’d already rated. Didn’t want to reach that milestone even once!

Yeah. Funny thing is I’ve never had or even seen an American made one over here. Of the two I’ve had, one was German and the other Japanese!

I’ve had 5, but 4 could be normal golden or bitter only

Sounds like a true to style EPA.

My 72 stand numerically alone, dominated by whatever the fux an India Style Lager is (Kingfisher?), but dominating the nearly-as-poorly-delineated Scotch Ale:

India Style Lager 2.81 75
English Pale Ale 2.9 72
Scotch Ale 3.24 66

Apparently, most of mine come from Finland.

The strange thing about English Pale ales is - the more of them I rate, the less of them I have.

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I’ve had five of them. Only one was from the UK (The Foxes Rock Irish Pale Ale).

Bill Gates says I have 42: Best ones IMHO are all local, weird!

Not only is that weird, but none of my EPA are made in jolly old?

Straight away?

20 here as well :+1:

  1. Same as India Style Lager and just behind Sweet Stout.

4 above Old Ale, and 2 below Polotmavy.

66 here, didn’t realise i had so many :smiley: