How Many People Have Rated Beers

Just curious but how many people have rated beers here? I know there are about 203 thousand members, but some have never rated. How many total raters do we have?

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RB raters = 0.005 * UT raters

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We used to have the number of rates next to our screen names on these forums but alas that was removed for no reason I can see. But to answer your question I have no idea how to find that.

7,256 people have rated at least 100 beers. I’d estimate that the total number of people who have rated at least one beer isn’t that much higher.

Dunno … wouldn’t be surprised if it’s double or more.

I would bet there are a lots of folks who have rated just one beer and others who get bored after 3 to 7.

If you look at the top raters - FROM, on some of the less populated English counties you’ll see quite a few people who fit this bill and I imagine the US would show the same … but bigger numbers (20 to 30) due to the greater population.


On the Most difficult countries to rate page there are 88275 users who has rated a US beer, so I’d think slightly more than that have rated at least one beer.


good catch!

as of right now, we have 561477 users.

Hence the amount of people who have rated at least one beer is somewhere between 88275 and 561477, though most probably very close towards the lower bound. So let’s say “about a hundred thousand”, which should be good enough for most heuristics.


I rated a few times when I first joined years ago but I just don’t have the attention to detail and the discipline to regularly enter ratings. After joining RB I became a beer and wine retailer so I do not want to rate things anymore for fear of creating a conflict of interest. Even if I weren’t in the business though, I would not rate. It’s just not in me. However, I do appreciate the work which people put in to their ratings on RB and they are a helpful resource. Crowd-sourcing is capricious and arbitrary but it is better than being wedded to a few writers’ ideas of what is good or bad which is the way things were done pre-internet. Sites like RB, Rottentomatoes, Tripadvisor and yelp are helpful in their own ways. I rate on yelp about once a month. My ratings on yelp are always for small businesses and my ratings are always four stars because I don’t think anything is perfect. I am in small business so I like to support small independent businesses. This just goes to show the inherent bias, at least with me, about sites like RB etc.

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