How many ratings down this year due the pandemic

I think I am down at least 120 rates this year, wondering what everyone is down or even up.

I am already at least 40 down in the New year already, as we are not going to New Zealand as planned to see the family.


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Would estimate around 1,500 or so … hard to say … could be a little more ?

I will finish with somewhere between 425 and 430 beers for the year. Not bad. Last year, which was a normal year more or less, I got 787. So I’m running at about 55% capacity and ‘down’ about 350 rates. However these numbers were buoyed up by a prolific pre-COVID 2020, with a few mini-trips and the Leicester Beer Festival.

The thing that sticks out is the quality of beer I’m drinking. I’m a high rater anyway and last year my average was 3.4. This year it’s 3.45.

I’ve also noticed the price. My beer budget hasn’t really changed, even though my rates have decreased. Paying £11 for two cans of IPA is the same as 3 or 4 small measures of crafty beer at the pub, or 5 or 6 halves of sessionable cask beer. I’ve not really done the Eastern European shop £1 cans much, nor have I felt like getting my beer from supermarkets. So last year I got 350 more rates plus beer-related travel for around the same amount I’ve spent this year.

well over a thousand. For the first time in years i didnt make the top50 raters of the Year,

No bottle share, No edinburgh beer festivals , no Borefts. ETC

You were 14th in 2019 !!!

yeah sad times (its should have said and now says top 50)

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Must be hard times Craig … you’re normally up there in the top 20

Not really followed COVID in your area that much

When have pubs been open in Edinburgh this year?

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1914 rates and ‘private rates’ this year. Down from 4600 in 2019. No real overseas trips or bottle shares with the London RB crew has really taken it’s toll on numbers.

Let’s hope 2021 heads back to normal so we can get the RB community back together

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Ive been working from home, Decent Pubs 5 miles away. So i have Only gone to put once since March. Its just not worth the trip out. to the pub

Managed to rate more than the last few years. That’s mainly been down to not going out for meals and drinking and wine or going to pubs with none ticking mates, where there’s nothing new to drink. Still managed a four or five day sessions to Brum to hit up Tilt and Head of Steam with the wife.


Think I’ve had about 2000 ticks this year compared to over 3000 last year. Finding new beers has been no problem at all, but with six months of no pubs drinking 330/440/500ml per beer rather than thirds in the pub or sharing between 3-5 people at bottle share (both capacity and £ issues!).

Done ok for travel, fortunately had a fortnight away just before the world went mad, and made the most of the travel window in the summer particularly several trips to Poland including one and a half beer fests (the second one was curtailed as on-sales got banned in Poland after day 1 at 24 hours notice)

Looking at my figures below I will be a little bit down on recent years but perhaps not as much as I expected. I guess moving here just shy of two years ago means that I still haven’t run out of new finds in my local Getränkemärkts this aligned with Bavaria being such a productive region for breweries and beer.

2020 - 951 currently
2019 - 1034
2018 - 1036
2017 - 1155
2016 - 1102
2015 - 1055
2014 - 1004
2013 - *576
2012 - *747
2011 - 1012
2010 - 882
2009 - 925
2008 - 1061
2007 - 665
2006 - 823

*I stopped rating for a few months between 2012 & 2013

I’m up big time, first year over a thousand ticks. Should finish over 1,600. Would have been 2,000 if pandemic hadn’t shut fests down. I had strong start to year with Manchester Beer & Cider /winter GBBF, Suffolk tastings with @Grumbo, and was able to catch a few fests that met social distance guidelines in Oct. My wallet on the other hand is down a bunch of £ and $!


I am about 250 down on my rates this year. Usually around 1200, but will not make 1000 now. Same reasons as most of you, lack of travel and lack of beer fests/tastings etc, etc.


Have rated 105 so far this year, so will be down just over 50% on my normal average of 220.

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I’ll close the year with just over 800 rates, last year was the biggest at 952, so not too bad ad a deficit. I managed a trip to India with 30 rates, Austin, Texas, 50 or so and Sicily again, around 30 rates. Not a bad year all round, but I think I have consumed over 600 cans and bottles at home. Praying to achieve 1000 plus next year :slight_smile:


I’m probably 200-300 down, which isn’t too much, probably going to have around 1230 new beers this year. I would have past 10,000 early to mid December, now probably late Jan early Feb. Missed the Lincoln, Newark, Peterborough, York and Nottingham beer festivals. But had significantly more CollabFest beers, and lots of IPAs from mail order.

This is the first year I have made the top 50.


Look to be down about 500 rates from 2019 when I managed to reach 1500, whereas this year I’ve just cleared 1000. Am still up on on previous years, from 2013-2017 would generally do 500-600 per year, that was before attending more festivals & trading samples. There has been a trend this year for craft ciders to be released like wine in 750ml bottles at £10-15 range, and without the pubs & festivals it’s been more expensive this year compared to last year.


2019 - 2619
2020 - 1632 (projected)

So down about 1k from last year. I’ve been really missing our regular London crew tastings and after work nip in’s to bars on the way home Not to mention GBBF, Peterborough, Pigs Ear, perhaps borefts.

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Last year was my highest year at 1,119.

I was aiming to get to more beer festivals, etc, this year but managed just the one prior to lockdown. My wife thought that gigs started in the afternoon because I always take the day or afternoon off - she hadn’t twigged that I go ticking first, so only the one gig this year. Also work trips cancelled.

I bought far more beer on line than usual* but am down a few beers a week as I have not been able to go on lunchtime trip for ticks. And more importantly have not been working in London a couple of times a month and getting as many thirds in as possible on the way back to Waterloo. There is a new micropub about 15 minutes away so did nip there a couple of times.

On 945 currently but that figure is inflated. I broke my own rule of not adding on my pre-RB ticks so really looking at 700-745 beers during 2020.

*My lockdown related anxiety is entirely focused on which place to order from next.