How many ratings down this year due the pandemic

Well, I’m one of the very few people here whose number of ratings has actually gone up this year ! From 231 to 485. And it’s more because of Covid than despite it !

It was the first lockdown that made me decide to rate every beer I drank, rather than just when I felt like it (and was sober enough to judge !).

Of course the total number of beers drunk this year has diminished. My own records show down from 1323 to 691. The amount drunk probably hasn’t decreased by such a high percentage though. I used to mainly drink halves in pubs, but now at home I have to have as much as the bottle or can contains.

The proportions of dispensing methods have changed considerably as well. My own records indicate the following

		        2020	2019

Cask (handpump) 65.42% 75.03%
Bottle 26.49% 5.64%
Can 5.12% 0.50%
Keg 3.31% 17.12%
Gravity 0.86% 1.26%
Jug 0.32% 0.44%

These were in a nice table when I typed them in - sorry !

The above totals also reflect the fact that my main location for drinking “craft keg” (Beerdock in Crewe) closed down in February

I also have several other statistics that I derive from my own records. But it usually takes me a few days to work them out. Most of them not possible to determine from information on RateBeer. There is even an award for “Most Serving Barstaff”. I wonder if Polly will win that again this year ?


2019 - 1704 from 855 unique breweries
2020 - 1249 from 596 unique breweries

Not bad considering. Remarkably still managed to organise a tasting every month with Haddock and 3 others, including a socially distanced 10,000th beer tasting in the park.

Have had more days off this year than I can remember, which contributed more than pubs being shut.

Still, I’m happy with that.