How much longer will you "Ratebeer"?

If you had to guess, how much longer do you think you will writing beer reviews on ratebeer?

  • I don’t write reviews/haven’t started yet
  • I plan to stop sometime this year
  • I’ll stop 1-2 years from now
  • I’ll stop 3-5 years from now
  • I’ll continue rating indefinitely
  • I’ve already stopped.
  • I have no idea.

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Would really depend on how the site develops over the next months. I definitely plan to continue rating beer, hopefully on a somewhat fully functional ratebeer.


The Loss of Erics App with no Replacement off line Rating option. Could Drive me away

Much as ive made my HATRED (and my opinions not chnaged) on the Search, that wont make a difference to me sticking with RB. But I do think that if i cant sensible rate offline i will try move too some other solution.


If future changes make this site worse I’ll be gone. If future changes make the site better I’ll stay.

I’m not planning on renewing premium unless there are some serious positive changes and more communication from the devs.

Also if the entire Dutch community flees there won’t be a whole lot of incentive for me to stay.


couple of decades


Till the site dies, I guess. Or I do before it. Unless things go to hell some way before that.


Depends if they manage to do something with the Login isue when searching and the other trouble on the web. Will evaluate again after easter.

No Idea:
As long as I’m still drinking beer and rating it is still fun.

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My engagement will likely decrease, but I’ll likely continue using the site for ratings. Really for no other reason than I’ve been here for 10 years and I’m not willing to put in the work to migrate my rating somewhere else.


Basically this, apart from the fact that I’ve already quit because I’ve reached my limit on how much crap I can endure, how much good functionalities which are lost I can cope with and how many bad crappy replacements are installed. So for me: I won’t be back if the site continues to deteriorate, I might be back if enough good functionalities return.


I just renewed my premium subscription so I ain’t going anywhere. (Me, user of BA and Untappd as well)


Don’t plan to stop rating, but I’m not sure this will always be my platform of choice.

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I agree. I have not lost interest or slowed down in this hobby, even after 13 years. But Ratebeer has changed in many ways that, for the most part, I find irritating and frustrating. I have subsequently found greater ease of use and social stimulation in UnTappd, a site which I formerly eschewed with disdain until RateBeer’s downward spiral prompted a second look. Once I’ve finished moving all my ratings over, I will abandon this site. Best case scenario, pending positive future changes, is that I use BOTH sites, but I’m so happy with features that UnTappd offers (the “photo diary” feature, the incredible connectedness it has with places, the lightning-fast search engine, the amazing app, the list goes on) that I no longer care about the integrity of its statistical database or the notion that it’s for “hipsters and beer bros” instead of “serious beer lovers”. I just want to keep enjoying what I do without any hassles. So my answer was “I plan to stop some time this year”, and something pretty monumental would have to occur to make me change my mind at this point.


I started on Untappd beginning of 2015 with literally no idea about beer apart from German pils and Hefeweizen. I quickly developed a huge interest and knowledge in beer. Then started rating on RB in May 2015 and also transfered all my Untappd ratings over here. So I am still a very young user and dont know much about the “older RB” times everyones reminicenses.
I have to say I live rate on Untappd as the app solution for being on the road is much smoother than RB mobile, for festivals I even go back to a pen and paper sometimes. Afterwards I transfer to RB. I can understand peope who rated for years in a distinct way and now have to change their way of searching or rating, but for me personal the new search for example isnt a huge change in search behaviour, I am not someone who only searches partial fragements.
The new forums definitely were a great step towards “future”, much more userfriendly after one adapted the meachnisms.
Concluding I have no intention of leaving RB at the moment and I am a bit disappointed that people wanna leave.


I think for most of the users, certainly for myself, more problematic about the new search is the fact that you can’t see straight away if you already had a beer or not. Instead you have to log in with every new search and sometimes even logging in doesn’t work. So imagine you’re at the bottle shop or at a festival with limited time or budget, or both, and you’re trying to decide which beer to buy next using Ratebeer’s new search.
Meanwhile you live rate on Untapped so you type a couple words in their search box and it suggests within seconds a result before you finish typing, and in most cases is the beer you were looking for.


I will go on reviewing for a fair bit, but the big minus I see for RB at the moment is that, while user numbers might be alright on the website, the active community is suffering. Morale in the forums is down, participation feels down as well.
I’m here for the ratings, places and especially the trades. If there was another site with a decent community with quite a few european participants and a strong forum and trade community as well, I’d probably go there if RB continued to blunder around aimlessly with no one taking charge and actually doing something for the community as well.


Okay that is a good point. For me at the moment with ~2200 ratings I still manage to know which beers I had and as you said, because I live rate on UT I can easily see over there if I had a beer, didnt thought in this direction and can know understand the frustration about the new search. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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I have reduced my input onto Ratebeer massively, both in relation to ratings and forums. The change of forum platform and gradual changes to the site have for me not been positive. Also the current pattern of ignoring long term users has alienated me.

So in effect I aim to transfer my ratings to Untappd. Continue chatting to friends on untappd and Facebook messenger. Ultimately I may leave after the big beer tasting event in June in England.

Joet you have until the end of June to keep me. Then again you may think “thank fuck he’s gone” .


Since I started this thread, I guess I’ll chime in.

I am simply tired of rating beer. It’s become a chore that I don’t look forward to. Couple that with the fact that almost all pale lagers taste better to me these days than a new IPA or sour, and I am starting to give zero shits about ratebeer. It has nothing to do with the website, and I don’t use the app.

I am quitting rating beer when I hit 2000 rates, which will be this month. After that, I’ll occasionally check the forums but that’s about it.


I don’t plan to stop taking notes, and I don’t plan to leave. But I see some of the changes around here as alarming, and it is taking the joy out of the site for me. I’m thinking of taking an extended break from RB and just using a Google or Excel sheet for notes.