How much longer will you "Ratebeer"?

I could not live without it… well certainly life would be poorer. I still rate every beer & place I drink or visit. The places ratings is definitely more useful & should have a higher standing on the site


I will keep going as long as the site is still going…A tickers got to tick!!


I’ll keep rating as long as RateBeer is online. I’ll probably stop reviewing beers the next day.


I notice I’ve been rating fewer beers. That is because, when I go to a place, and they have beers I really like, I have them and if there is a style I don’t much care for, and it’s new, I don’t drink it. You can drink it if you want.


My rating has slowed down quite a bit. I still like picking up new breweries when I can, and there are a few styles I seek out, but most of my ratings these days come from new releases from the breweries that I really like. Otherwise, I just drink beers I’ve had before (so no new ratings).

I meet up with the London RB crew about once a month for a tasting, and that yields a lot of new scoops, but otherwise I rarely do much mindless ticking the way I used to. Going to the Great British Beer Festival tomorrow, and I think that will be my only festival this summer. Will likely go to Pigs Ear in December, as it takes place less than 10 minutes (walking) from where I live. I don’t expect to do any more international travelling for beer fests. I would like to do some beer trips though, to ‘classic’ places like Germany and Czech.

At my current pace, this year will be my lowest annual total for the past decade or so.


I stick around for the Lounge


As long as the site is working and still around I will keep rating here. Otherwise I will switch to Untappd. The thougth of adding 3k+ beers manually does scare me though…


Still entering rates here, but don’t feel as enthusiastic about it.

Enter all at brewver as well, where I tend to get my main stats from these days, and on untappd, mostly cause so many I know are over there.

I’m not in the forums much, but still here. And I will be until the site disappears or stops working. Onward to 20k!