How much would you pay for Founders KBS?

It’s a classic. And maybe at 12.3% you won’t want a 2/3rds all to yourself. But as I look at the board and see £10 for this measure something inside says “that is not right.”
This may be me being both old and provincial but what is a reasonable price for a lovely beer from the keg?

I would say that’s about right ; heaton hops in Stockport had it for £4 a 1/3 last week.
This beer used to be a whale…

Sounds right to me. Siren’s imperial stouts are normally £4 per 3rd at their own tap room. I got a few KBS a couple of years ago in bottles, probably about £4 a bottle which was good value.

If I had never had it before, I would probably pay up to around £7 for one third. And for a bottle, probably around £12.

I have had it before, so I would probably pay no more than £4 per third to revisit. I’d grab a bottle if I saw it for under £5.

I bought a bottle back in 2016, when it first came to Germany ever, for 4.75 Euros.

The next year, it was 8.50 Euros, which was still fair in my opinion, but I only got one bottle of that.

I also revisited it on tap just recently in Belgium, for I think 5.50 Euros for 250ml.

Not saying no to that.

I paid £5.60 for a third of CBS on tap, so I’d likely pay around this for KBS (maybe a little bit less because it’s a little bit more available I think?)

9.90 a pint in my local. The joy of not being slaves to GP %…

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Sounds a bit pricey to me and for those saying it sounds right as £4 a 1/3 is seen in other places, let’s remember the price ‘theprof’ mentions isn’t £4 a 1/3 it’s £5 a 1/3, an extra pound might not sound a lot but tot that up over the course of an evening or if you are a regular in that place and it might be significant. Also I would be pretty miffed if 2/3 was the smallest measure that they offered. I get a little frustrated that the Pint Shop in Oxford only offer 1/2 pint and upwards which is a little annoying when they regularly sell beers that are 10%+ and this actually isn’t encouraging responsible drinking.

Hand Drawn Monkey used to have a ridiculous 2/3 only policy on keg, so you could get a half of a 2.8% cask but had to have 2/3 of a 10%+ Impy stout or barley wine. Generally I won’t go anywhere that has a fixed 2/3 measure. It’s bad enough these days when places won’t offer thirds on at least the strong and/or expensive stuff

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2/3 policy is ridiculous. I’m not overly fond of places that don’t serve 1/3 measures.

They (Founder’s) overproduced this year, and its overpriced, so its sitting on the store shelves… once once a whale, now it’s a beached whale…

and I’d take Backwoods Bastard over KBS any day of the week…

I salute the collective wisdom. To be clear you could get 1/3 for a fiver. If I had never had it then I would have raided the piggy bank (or the US as the Donald calls it). As it is I just forked out £8 for 1/3 of Cascade Sang Royale from a menu that included Founders CBS £7.50, Kees Caramel Fudge Stout (Bourbon aged) £4.50 and Evil Twin Even More Pecan Jesus also £4.50. It’s craft beer week in Nottingham and part of me feels I should have gone Dutch or found Jesus.