How to add a Graff to the database? A fruit beer or a cider?

Hi, I want to add a recently released graff (beer cider hybrid) to the database but not sure if I should add it as a Fruit Beer or a Cider. Is there any preference?

According to the tag ( there’s hardly any in the database but it seems Fruit Beer is the slightly favoured style over Cider so I’m leaning towards that but would like admin clarification if possible. I’ve never seen this style before.

To further complicate things, this one has beetroot, ginger and lemon added to it, possibly making Spiced/Herb/Vegetable a better style fit?

I’d say fruit beer seems the most appropriate.

would this not be a braggot? whats the difference between a graff and a braggot?

Isn’t braggot fermented with wort and juice? This seems like just a post fermentation blend?

I forgot to include a link in my original post but the beer in question is this one:
Unfortunately the brewery hasn’t gone into details about the brewing process but they are literally calling it a “graff” on the label, rather than a braggot, which apparently is a type of mead? I’m unfamiliar with both styles but have found that graff is apparently quite a vague style descriptor…


On UT graffs get added as ciders but as you can see from the tag most on RB are fruit beers, hence my asking.

I guess I’ll go ahead and add as a fruit beer, if UK admins disagree it can be changed to a cider, doesn’t really make a difference to anyone either way I suppose.

sorry, getting my terminology wrong :frowning: