How to appreciate low ABV beer again?

Its gradually progressed to the point where every beer I drink is 8%+. When you’re scanning a tap list or browsing your local bottle shop’s selection it’s hard not to be drawn to the newest double IPA with vanilla, lactose and fruit or the barrel aged stout with cinnamon and chilies. There’s such an overwhelming amount of new beer that is excellently made coming out and distribution continues to get better and better. Heck I’m getting pretty fresh New York IPAs in Nevada recently, which is bonkers. I feel like I have to try these new beers or I’ll miss out. It wasn’t always this way and I can recall really enjoying a traditional Pilsner, Kolsch, Amber, pale ale, etc. The last time I actually drank one has been months though.

These high abv beers are tough on the weight control. I need to get back to at least layering in some 4% - 6% beers. BAs, if you’ve dealt with this problem is there a particular beer (an old stand by perhaps) that brought you back to low abv, a style that drew you back in or something you did that made you appreciate and seek out lower alcohol beers again?

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High ABV beers are generally overrated (even though I admittedly used to appreciate them a few years ago). Take a look at the top fifty lists on RB and you’ll see the same boozy styles over and over again. I almost never buy imperial stouts anymore because I don’t find them to be particularly interesting or creative, but they end up getting rated highly because tickers like more booze in their beer. I’ll usually make an exception for a brewery that I love or if it actually seems interesting, but they are generally neither to me. La Pirata and Põhjala are two great examples of the opposite: these are breweries that I have actively started drinking less of because the only new things I see are the same old 12% imperial monstrosities.

When I see ‘imperial’ written on the bottle, that translates to me as “we weren’t feeling particularly creative here so we just decided to try to get you drunk instead.” Pass.


Like already mentioned, the post is an exact copy paste from the BA forum, including the wording looking for other BAs.

I drank every one I could find
… 15-20 years ago.

I agree and would add the word “Double”.

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I do enjoy lower boost beers these days. I find I can make it through a tasting without feeling like shit when I’m drinking more sours, saison, etc. I’ve found that my crew rarely shares the sentiment, so I like to drink these at home instead. I do prefer a well-made low alcohol offering more than its counterpart. I say just start buying styles you’d normally scroll past, you will probably find some gems you weren’t expecting.

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Come to the UK and have properly conditioned cask beer in a traditional pub, that might get you back on the road to righteousness.

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