How to configure the forum

In the old forum we could select the categories we were interested in. Is it possible to do that here?

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Here ya go, mate - Welcome! And how do I unsubscribe to fora I don't want to see?


Thanks. I’m doing it now. It’s a long winded way of doing it, but at least its possible.

Because I read left to right, is there a way of putting the threads on the left rather than the right. In the old forums the threads were on the left (because we tends to look at those first) and the categories were on the right. That worked fine for me.

The easier way to view the forums is to click on the “latest” tab up at the top. If you want to browse a specific category, I guess you can go back to the Categories tab and select what you want.

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Ive just blocked them one at a time as one i dont want become active

Not something we users can change, but others have requested this in other threads so hopefully joet or whoever else works on the behind the scenes stuff here can make that change. I think a lot of us want it.