How to navigate the forum

I posted this in Forum Feedback, but I’m not sure it will be read there as that seems an inactive forum, so I’m repeating it here.

How do people get to the end of a forum thread, or look in the middle of it? At the moment I look in a thread, and it takes me to the start, and when I scroll down it takes ages for the bottom few posts to emerge, but they are not the last ones, so I need to scroll down again, and again, meanwhile I have no idea where the end is.

I’m not moaning about the forum (I don’t like it, and would much rather have the easily navigable old one, but that’s incidental), I’m just wondering how people manage to work it. I give up after a few minutes, same as with the beer ratings, which are also difficult to navigate.

On a full desktop: Home and End buttons to quickly get to the beginning and end of a thread quickly. Or at least they are supposed to.
On a laptop: Ctrl + Up arrow and Ctrl + down arrow will have the same effect (on a Mac use Cmd not Ctrl)

On anything, there is a blue line to the right of each thread which you can drag up and down, or click on, so dragging it to the middle is the quickest way to get to the middle.

On a mobile device I think you have to put up with all the scrolling. Although the blue line thingy should still work I think, not 100% sure though I don’t usually bother with the forums on mobile.

On a mobile device you should be able to click on the post number at the bottom right (eg “1/932”) to bring up a scroll bar on the right. You can then use the scroll bar to whizz down to the last post (“932/932”) or any other post in the thread.

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Well I didn’t know that! Cheers!

I only go to the UK and Ireland forum anyway these days.

On the desktop I just click on the UK and Ireland link at the top of the thread to take me to the list of Forum threads.

On the mobile web version I do the same thing but just use my finger to scroll up and down.

I don’t like the new format, I find it difficult to find posts that I want to read and it’s no where near as useful or user friendly as before. It’s certainly meant I post less.

Thanks. That works.

Is there a guide on how to work the forums? The forums appear to be fairly dead since they moved, and it may well be that people are frustrated by not knowing how to use them so just give up.

However, the forums were also pretty annoying at the start with those childish and hugely fucking irritating awards - they put me right off! And problems logging in! I think the combination of a forum geared for children, logging in problems, and a new forum format that had to be learned would have put off a lot of people.

But, anyway, a forum guide might assist and encourage people to join in a bit more.

There’s a general guide here:

albeit somewhat tailored towards the software’s own forum but it should, in theory, be applicable to any forum running this software.

I was going to do a Ratebeerified version of this last year but never got round to it. Don’t know if I will now.

Good to see I’m not the only one having difficulties navigating these new forums. I can’t seem to keep track of what I want to read while I get continuous links or suggestuns to threads I don’t care about. I haven’t read a trade post in months. I have to specifically search for the trade section while I used to have my forums customised so it would show threads from NL, BE, UK, SE, DK, beer talk (the general category I think that was) and beer trade. I hardly ever missed a thread and was active on all of those forums. Nowadays, like Ian, I hardly visit “outside of the NL forum” (so yes, this is an exception).

I suspect there are many people who want the Forums to be as they were (not just in terms of ease of use, but of the flow of discussion that we used to have), but are inhibited by various factors, including having to learn how to use a new system.

Having a common point of contact for those who like beer is very useful, so there is a huge value in having a forum. On the UK forum a conversation has just started up asking how many people are still here. It’s only handful who have replied, but many of those are folks who don’t normally post, so there is some hope that the UK Forum can be revived. Another possibility is that a forum is created elsewhere, such as Facebook, which might be easier for people to see and use.