How to search for newly added cideries?


In preparation for the upcoming festival in Nottingham I have added three new cideries last night. I didn’t add any ciders to them. This I plan on doing at the festival, when I have more information, but adding brewers takes some time, so I prefer to do that in advance.

When I search for the new cideries they don’t show up. Does anyone know why? Is it because I didn’t add any ciders to the cideries?

Luckily I made an error on one of them, so I sent a correction, and because of that I have the brewery number, so I can find it again, which shows me, that it is in the database. Below are links to the cideries and an example of search results.


It’s not a cidery problem. It’s been a known problem for all new brewery/etc. entries for a week now. Joe and the others have been notified but remained silent on the issue from what I can tell, but since it would be pure insanity not to rush fix this problem, I assume they are on it.

Thanks Marko. Sorry if this has come up in other threads. I have stopped following these fora long ago.

I will just have to note the number of the new breweries, when I add them, so I can find them again without using the search function.

Also, not strictly related but when I searched for new beers at IndyMan last weekend, I saw no ratings for a lot of them. Then when you click on the beer you see there are ratings, sometimes up to 10. So I’m assuming new ratings are taking a while to register on the overall tally.

It has been fixed now, so we can once again search for new breweries.

How do you search for a new brewery?

Normal search and look under the brewery tap at the top. It just didn’t work for newly added ones, but that problem has now been solved.